Democrat Aggression & Vandalism

by LukeAmerica2020
Obama’s Battle Cry: “Get in their face” …
On 2008-09-17 before a crowd of about 1500 in Elko, NV, Barack Hussein Obama urged his troops to aggression toward Independents and Republicans.

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are Independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he insisted. (reference)

It appears that some Obamacans fervently accepted his combat rallying cry as a call to take violent action against His opponents.

Warning: Display McCain Signs with Caution! (Google Search)

Vandals Attack Republican HQ …
On 2008-10-11 in South Carolina, politically-motivated thugs struck the York County Republican Party’s Rock Hill headquarters overnight causing roughly $500 in damages.

“Republican means slavery” was written with on the office’s outside door, while a banner in front of the building was tagged with a few illegible scribbles and presidential nominee John McCain’s eyes were whited-out. Party officials also estimated that more than 40 yard signs had been stolen. (reference)

Democrat McCain Supporter’s Property Vandalized …
On 2008-10-20 in Maryland, supporters of opponent Barack Obama attacked a private home in Prince George’s County, defacing the house, an RV, a truck cover, and a two foot by eight foot yard sign. Apparently, the home owner was a registered Democrat and the local Obama fans were none to pleased with his decision to back McCain.

“I understand that in every election there are incidents where campaign signs on both sides are removed, torn down and defaced,” said Mykel Harris, Republican Central Committee Chair for Prince George’s County in a statement to the media. “But rarely do the perpetrators proceed to deface your home and personal property in your yard.” (reference)

Home Shot Up Over McCain Signs …
On 2008-10-22, Rog Coverely, the Central Florida Republican headquarters manager, discovered several pellet holes in the front windows of his Longwood home.

The Republican manager is certain it was due to the two McCain signs that he had in his front yard. He stated that he was on good terms with his neighbors and the only thing that has changed was the addition of the campaign signs.

Coverely went on to say that he has fielded over 300 calls concerning missing or vandalized signs in the area. The Democrats are getting vicious and are targeting Seminole County due to the high concentration of republicans in the area. (reference)



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