Foreclosed Home Bought for a Stranger

by LukeAmerica2020

Near Dallas, TX, Tracy Orr’s house was being sold in a foreclosure auction. She had lived in the home for a couple of years. Although it was no mansion, it was hers and she loved living there. She was so attached to the place that she went to the auction. To her, it was similar to going to a funeral … to get a sense of closure.

While there, another lady, Marilyn Mock, started talking with her. Mock was helping her son purchase his first house.

She initiated the conversation because Orr looked out of place at the auction. Orr told Mock that her home was being auctioned. Mock said someone had to do something.

So, after hearing the woman’s plight, Mock bought the house and gave it back to the original homeowner. BTW, the investor is no millionaire; she owns a small local business. The house went for 30,000 dollars and Marilyn will let Tracy make payments.

Mock reports that she has yet to see the house. Some folks buy foreclosed homes to get a bargain. One mom did it to give a stranger a second chance.


“Be kind to someone who does not expect it. Be kind to someone who does not deserve it. Be kind anonymously. Be kind openly.” — LukeAmerica2020

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  1. GeekGirl2u says:

    Please someone make this week go quickly !!! I can’t take much more.


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