Cindy and Meghan McCain on GMA (2008-10-31)

by LukeAmerica2020
Here’s Cindy and Meghan’s interview on ABC’s Good Morning America. This is presented by MediaFactCheck’s YouTube channel.


“We’re excited. We’re movin’ way up in the polls and things are tightening absolutely everywhere. I think people are beginning to not only get to know Sarah Palin, but understand that she’s a very strong-minded woman. She’s a reformer. She’s a maverick. She’s a governor of a state. She’s the exact right match for my husband. They’re both straight-talking mavericks.”


“I learned a long time ago you can’t read anything on-line. I got involved with this campaign when my brother deployed to Iraq. He’s about to re-deploy. I wanted to know who’s gonna keep my brother and so many other people in the military safe and I think its 80-something percent of people polled in the military trust my father. You know the war? We have two wars going on. He’s the man who is gonna keep me safe and get my generation out of the rut that has been created the last eight years.”

Meghan and friends have a blog at



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