Happy Halloween 2008

by LukeAmerica2020

As an experiment this halloween, let’s implement a practical application of the principles of Obamanomics. After your kids have trekked through the neighborhoods collecting their well-deserved treats, and while they still beam those ebullient smiles, explain to them that as a lesson in politics you’re going to teach them about Obama’s economic plans for our great country. Weigh out their seasonal booty and divide it in two equal halves. Then, order them to take one half to the kid down the block who was too lazy to trick-or-treat this year.

You can imagine the inflamed resistance you’d get, can’t you? Of course.

Now, in similar fashion, if you asked them nicely to donate some of their rewards to the sickly kid across the street … they would probably do so without squabbling. You see … even small children who have little grasp of politics and economy understand basic human principles. Charity is a wonderful gesture. But, charity should be encouraged from one’s sense of good will toward others.

Obama has promised that by federal edict we will be compelled to sacrifice our hard-earned rewards as outright gifts to those who do not deserve them. There will be no choice … it will be taken from you. That’s what he and his extreme left-wing socialists have promised us as “change”. The rest of us prefer charity for the sick and poor to be a personal choice.



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