Obama Supporter Won’t Have to Work Any More

by LukeAmerica2020
Free At Last! Thank God; she is free at last from having to work.

This Obama supporter is thrilled that she won’t have to work any more. Why worry about paying off your mortgage? Why worry about putting gas in your car? Why worry about putting food on the table? Why work? If you take care of Obama, he will take care of you. This is what Peggy Joseph believes as she reported to NBC6.net in Miami on Wednesday (2008-10-29).

Free, free … freeloading. Will this be a component of Obama’s economic recovery?

This is from TickleMyFootsies’s YouTube channel.



4 Responses to Obama Supporter Won’t Have to Work Any More

  1. rupzip says:

    Her comments are sadly widespread. She mistakenly thinks that government has the solutions.

    Even more appalling are those who have used some of Christ’s teachings on social teachings to promulgate big increases in social spending. Jesus never called on the Roman government to feed the poor. His call was to his believers who would follow him. But as long as government steps in, we step back.

    Check out this post “No Government will save you”

  2. I think that what she is saying that she won’t have to worry because she will actually be able to do it. Maybe you don’t sit up a night WORRIED about paying bills and the Mortgage because you haven’t felt the effects of the Bush administration at the gas pump and at the bank, but many of us do WORRY about this. Now we will be able to work together to get back to the time when we didn’t have to worry about these things, we could just do it because we are hard-working Americans who sacrifice to take care of our families.
    Obama has inspired us to get out and work and do what is necessary to move this country in the right direction. All your negativity cannot hurt us now. He has already started to deliver on his promise. It lives in the heart of all his supporters who have lined up and signed up to come together and do whatever we have to do for our country. You can sit back and be bitter that your candidate did not win, but your candidate recognises that he was not elected and is now in support of President-Elect Barack Obama. You can sit back and complain about EVERYTHING and do nothing and become exactly who it is you have complained about. This woman in the video, along with the rest of us, will be working toward a much needed change.

    Yes the things that Barack has promised are going to be difficult, but he has already proven that the “impossible” can be done if you believe in yourself and work hard – Especially when we come together. People who don’t see that are closed-minded and negative. Would you rather he didn’t aspire to change anything? You people make me sick. I hope you just stay out of our way because those of us who support him have our sleeves rolled up ready to work together and be led- the rest of you are wasting your time “bitter-blogging.” What good is that doing? I hope that works out for you.

  3. Proud American, Bush did NOT bring us to the edge of economic collapse alone. Surely, though, many apsects of Bush policies have helped to bring us to this place. Nonetheless, there are many democrats in congress who had active rolls … Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd are among the chief culprits.

    I sincerely hope that YOU are correct about Obama’s supporters WORKING to get our country to a better place. Maybe you are right; but, I have yet to meet one who has a logical reason to support him; their motivations are emotional or cultural. A free ride living off of government handouts taken from hard-working Americans, is NOT working to get our country to a better place. That is, in fact, a fast-track policy to finish off the country. I do genuinely hope that your observations are far more accurate than my personal experiences thus far.

    One of my most grave concerns about Obama at this juncture is that instead of the CHANGE and TAX CUTS that he has drilled into our hearts and minds, his first move will be TO LOWER OUR EXPECTATIONS … to start selling us on the “reasons” he can not do what he promised in countless stump speeches. Bush, Frank, Dodd and others brought us to the edge; Obama can shove us over or rescue us from the fall.

    Finally, let us not be so open-minded that our brains fall out. Aspirations and changes must be tempered with reason.

    BTW, I like your moniker. Perhaps, we DO share some common ground in the arena of ideas.

  4. Allen says:

    Case in point for the Electoral College.
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in mass numbers.

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