Vote! Vote! Vote!

by LukeAmerica2020
I read the following post on the FoxNews GretaWire by a poster identified as Proud to be an American … very appropriate … it’s sage advice. We can win this.

Every Republican needs to take 5 other republicans to the polls on Tuesday.

Call and help your neighbors get to the polls.

Call and help the elderly.

Call and make sure your kids vote.

Call your family and friends and get them to the polls also.

Talk to democrats and explain to them how dangerous Obama is.

Show them the video’s about how radical Obama and his friends are.

If the democrats understand the dangers of Obama, then offer to take them to the polls to vote for McCain.

Anyone with a brain will understand the dangers of Obama.

But we must get out and vote.

Save our country from Socialism.


Editor’s Note: Psssst … if you’re an ACORN registered voter, remember you can only vote once … legally.



2 Responses to Vote! Vote! Vote!

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