Free Speech: Obama Style (part 1)

by LukeAmerica2020
On November 4, 2008 just hours after the presidential election victory of Barack Hussein Obama, thousands of Philadelphians poured into the streets to cheer for the President-elect. Hordes of joyful Obama supporters overflowed with gleeful chanting fervor.

But when one man dared to have a differing opinion, simply by wearing a McCain/Palin ‘08 t-shirt, police officers threatened him with arrest and eventually did so. Apparently, it is now illegal in the City of Brotherly Love to be a quiet white republican. The ever-so-tolerant Obama fanatics shouted chants as the man was arrested for QUIETLY trying to use his First Amendment rights. We’ll keep you posted as similar ordeals develop in the news in the coming months.

The first video is specific clip of this incident. The second one is a more extensive 6-minute documentary of events that night.

This video is from the BubbaSluva YouTube channel.
This video is from the Philly911Truth YouTube channel.

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Further, a hypothetical letter from a “Christian from 2012” released by evangelical leader James Dobson’s political activist group Focus on the Family Action warns of an attack on public free speech.

The letter, called “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America“, looks back on how the Bible can no longer be freely preached over radio or television stations when the subject matter includes such ‘offensive’ doctrines as criticizing homosexual behavior. The Supreme Court agreed that these could be kept off the air as prohibited ‘hate speech’ that is likely to incite violence and discrimination.

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