Plans for Obama’s “Civilian Security Force”?

by LukeAmerica2020
As reported by WorldNetDaily, the official website of President-Elect Barack Obama,, originally announced that Obama would “require” all middle school through college students to participate in community service programs; but after a flurry of blogs protested children being drafted into Obama’s proposed youth corps, the website’s wording was softened.

Originally, under the tab “America Serves” read:

“Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year.”

The word “require” was stricken from the website Friday (2008-11-07) and replaced with the phrase “setting a goal”. Now, it also lists tax credits toward college tuition.

The original wording is presented here (click image to enlarge):

Currently, the website’s content reads (click image to enlarge):

Hmmmm …
So after the revision, what happens if your child chooses to not be a foot soldier in Obama’s youth component of the Civilian Security Force?

Will driver’s licenses be withheld? Will diplomas be withheld? Will work permits be denied? Will a parent of the child be conscripted into an Obama re-eduction camp for die-hard conservatives. Will school funding be withheld? Will parents be cited or arrested for their failure to adequately indoctrinate their kids into SOAP (Service to Obama Allegiance Paradigm)?

This militant Obama youth group video is
presented by the PoliticalWazoo YouTube channel.

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7 Responses to Plans for Obama’s “Civilian Security Force”?

  1. SNICKER TEES says:

    Oh brother, is this a cloaked brown shirt youth program in the making!

  2. tutoress says:

    This is the program that Ayers and Obama designed in the “Annenberg Challenge” that failed, but the $100 million dollar program was a prototype for America. This is a communist tactic to ensure he wins 2012.

  3. tutoress says:

    Here are a couple of interesting links which lets us know what we are in for in the near future:

  4. Tutoress, that’s some good information. I may do a post on it soon … thanks.

  5. tutoress says:

    Here is another good link:

  6. Kingtexas1 says:

    Those are good links t. Here is a link you may have already seen, but it seems to have a relevance to what you posted above. An Obama %@^&$@# I mean a Farrakan drill team at work.

  7. Kingtexas1 says:

    Duhhh…. I guess it helps to post it.

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