Happy Birthday: One Month

by LukeAmerica2020
Today … this wonderful day … our political blog is one month old. GeekGirl2u and I put a lot of time and effort into research, writing, and design. We thoroughly enjoy it; and we do very much appreciate you stopping by to check us out. Thank you.

Since we haven’t really promoted our site yet by official SEO standards … we depend heavily on happy visitors spreading the word. And … a lot of you do. We can see from our web logs that many of our visitors find us through emails. Some of you have referred to our articles in blog postings on other sites. That’s drawn a lot of traffic too. Thank you for sending folks our way.

If you haven’t done so yet, add us to your bookmarked favorites. Or, put us in you browser’s links bar.

Since we’ve ironed out most of the start-up wrinkles, our second month we’re actively working to publicize our conservative perspectives and your respondent comments. Let’s build a community … and along the way, we might even sway the opinions of some right-leaning liberals.

We just hooked up with Digg.com. At Digg.com you can vote on submitted articles. The more DIGGS (approval votes) we get on a particular article, the higher it moves in page ranking. The closer it gets to their front page, the more visitors we get … the faster we can grow our community of conservatives.

So … please vote for us. At the bottom of each article we’ve submitted is a DIGG button. Just click it to vote. If you’d like to vote on articles you’ve already read, we also have a small DIGGER icon beside articles on the “Posts Index” page. This way, you can easily vote on them rapidly to catch up. Thanks for helping us to grow our audience.

Also, if you have some writing talent and would like to contribute original commentary for us to post, email me.


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