Obama’s Dubious Selective Service Registration

by LukeAmerica2020
Although Barack Hussein Obama never mentioned in either of his two memoirs that he considered joining the military after high school. He did “reveal” this “interesting” memory in a interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week on September 7, 2008.

“I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school. And I was growing up in Hawaii. And I have friends whose parents were in the military. There are a lot of Army, military bases there.

And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honorable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”

This video is from the PascoGOP YouTube channel:

Hmmm …
Obama did graduate from high school in Hawaii in 1979, but he could not have registered for Selective Service then. Nobody could. In 1975, President Gerald Ford terminated the Military Selective Service Act. It was not reinstated until July 1980 by President Jimmy Carter. That is one year after Obama graduated from high school. On July 30 1980, when records indicate Obama actually registered, he was no longer living in Hawaii.

At that time, he was living in Los Angeles attending Occidental. This fact significantly undermines his explanation that he actually considered joining the military because “he was living in Hawaii and a lot of his friends had military connections”.

It also undermines his excuse that we were no longer engaged in “active” conflict. When he registered, he was not a high school graduate exploring career options. He was a college student in a world in which the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and the Iranians had captured our embassy in Tehran.

New Revelation …
Yesterday, Debbie Schlussel shared Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying print-out document obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Now, an examination of these records indicate that Obama might have faked his Selective Service registration.

Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?

It’s either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama’s official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling, finally received it and released it to me.

But the release of Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying document, posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama’s claim that he registered for the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law.

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Visit her site for full details questioning the labeled items.


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4 Responses to Obama’s Dubious Selective Service Registration

  1. JD Mahoney says:

    ZEITUNI ONYANGO-fugitive absconder deportee
    111 Flaherty Way
    Boston, MA 02127
    Has a ssn
    Registered to vote and has voted in various wards and precincts including
    Ward Number :6 and Precinct Number: 2. Has worked in the US saying she was a citizen and received welfare benefits including a back operation. She is now a fugitive being harbored by
    Margaret Wong, 18751 N Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122,(216)371-4615

    Wong said “she’s a pretty educated woman” and a computer programmer.

    Has a brother Obama Onyango aka Uncle Omar who lives in the Boston area who is also a fugitive absconder deportee with a ssn , registered to vote, on welfare and owns a business called Wells Market.

    Godson Anosike of 79 Winter St, Cambridge, MA 02141, (617)661-0017,has also harbored the fugitive absconder deportee.
    INA 212(a)(10)(D) aliens voting in elections will have their future citizenship revoked and are inadmissible into the US for any visas including work visas.
    INA 212(a)(9)(A)(i) If an alien is ordered removed he or she is not admissible to the US for 10 years.
    Grounds for Removal, Section 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) an alien can be deported for the following reasons:
    **Presently in Violation of law—Any alien who is present in the US in violation of this Act, or any other law of the United States. INA sec 237
    **Violated Nonimmigrant Status or Condition of Entry INA 237 (a)(1)(C)
    **Criminal Offenses INA sec 237(a)(2)(A) and (B)
    **Document Fraud INA sec 237 (a)(3)(C)
    **Falsely Claiming Citizenship—Any alien who falsely represents, or has falsely represented, him or herself to be a citizen of the United States for any purpose or benefit. INA sec 237(a)(3)(D).

    James T Hayes Jr, Director
    Detention and Removal Operations at
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    500 12th SW, 11th Floor
    Washington, DC 20536

  2. For those who are interested, I valiantly fended off a frenzied salvo of thrashings from vituperative Democrats at DIGG regarding this article. If you’d like to join in the comments there,


  3. Kingtexas1 says:

    Yea, I saw that Luke…DANG…..Like sharks…..how dare you defile the name of the annointed one and live….off with your head!

  4. KingTexas1, thanks for you help over there. 🙂

    It is precisely because they know so little about him that they are blindly devoted. Since he ONLY talks in vague notions of fatuous optimism, they are able to transfer any feelings and beliefs that they have themselves onto him. In short, they believe whatever they want to about him because he says so little other than to set them up for it. It is a standard technique of NLP and conversational hypnosis.

    BTW, the manner in which Obama historically treats opponents … “off with your head” may not be humorous in the near future.

    If we don’t blindly bow to Him, we are either racist or hate-mongering. Far be it from His followers, to entertain even for a brief second that someone should have any thought other than what He has requested them to think.

    Rest assured, too, that the Censorship (Fairness) Doctrine will be back in full force in June 2009. He has to silence any opposing thoughts before his followers start drifting out of their love-trance.

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