Calls for a New World Order

by LukeAmerica2020
Whether you’re a news hound, a conspiracy analyst, or a conspiracy theorist you’ve probably heard of the New World Order. Maybe you’ve read bits and pieces of information concerning involvement with the NWO by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization, the Illuminati, and/or the Committee of 300.

Moreover, whether you believe … that there are secretive plots and nefarious machinations by uber-elitists for a One World Government, One World Financial System, population decimation, etc. … or biblical end-time prophecies … one striking concern has been prevalent in the news lately. There have been numerous public requests and discussions for a New Word Order … from around the globe. Here are just a few such recent references:

Canada: A new world order rising?

Chinese President Hu Jintao calls for new international financial order:

Indian Leaders to call for new world order:

Australia: We need a new world health order:

India: A new world order dawns

Japan to call and take lead on a new financial order:
Google: AFP

Germany: Landmark Finance Summit Sets New World Order

Qatar: Islam to emerge as the new world order:

Japan’s Prime Minister: new financial order will emerge from crisis:

Brazil, Russia, India and China: demand a big role in negotiations to create a new global financial order:

French President Nicholas Sarkozy calling for global monetary system:

U.S. CNN calling for a new world order:

Filipino groups to call for new world order on G-20 summit:

United Kingdom: Gordon Brown calls for new world order:

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva demands new world financial architecture:

Business Daily Africa says it’s time for a new world order:

China People’s Daily: a new world financial order:


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