Thousands of Unsold Cars “Parked” at U.S. Ports

by LukeAmerica2020
According to the New York Times, thousands of unsold foreign cars are sitting at U.S. ports because dealers don’t want them.

Foreign cars delivered to the port in Long Beach, California would normally be loaded onto trucks, then delivered to dealerships. But American dealerships don’t want them because they’re having a hard time selling their current inventory.

The Commerce Department reports car sales are down nearly 15-percent this year. And for the first time, automakers Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Nissan have asked to lease space from the port to house the vehicles. Auto dealers typically place orders months in advance, but can modify the orders to receive fewer vehicles.

The ever-expanding accumulation of cars is not just for foreign imports. Thousands of unwanted American-made cars have also been parked at Detroit, Michigan’s State Fairgrounds airport lots for the last two years.


3 Responses to Thousands of Unsold Cars “Parked” at U.S. Ports

  1. bassfooler says:

    LOL the Old saying possenion is 99.9 tenths of the law

  2. What I’m wondering, BassFooler, is that if so many cars are stockpiled at ports and warehoused around the country, what difference are the auto industry loans going to make?

    It seems that these taxpayer backed bridge loans are only going to postpone the damage to the auto industry. If this deduction is correct, they’ll be back in March asking for more money to delay their collapse again.

  3. İt’s very interesting.

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