Video: Obama – 7 Strange Coincidences

by LukeAmerica2020
This short clip catalogs 7 strange coincidences regarding Barack Obama. It includes Gematria numbers, the Bible Code, His Arab roots documented, brief updates to “Obama and the Lottery” and “Obama the Renegade”, and more.

This video is from the ppsimmons YouTube channel.
1. On November 5, 2008, the Illinois State Lottery winning
    numbers were:
    Pick 3: 6 6 6
    Pick 4: 7 7 7 9
2. Seven years after 9-11, we elect our first President of
    Arab descent.
3. Obama is hailed as a global leader.
4. On November 11, the Secret Service gave him the
    codename “renegade”.
5. Barack Hussein Obama has a Gematria number of 501.
6. In August 2008, Jewish Gematria researchers predicted
    Obama would be elected.
7. Bible Code (ELS) reveals that “Obama” is found in
    Revelation 13.1



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