“Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays”

by LukeAmerica2020
A new Rasmussen Reports
national telephone survey finds that 68% of American adults prefer stores to show signs saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.”

Only one-quarter of adults (25%) favor signs that say “Happy Holidays.” Those figures are virtually unchanged from their survey conducted this time last year.

Men (71%) favor “Merry Christmas” slightly more than women (65%).

From a politically partisan perspective, Republicans (84%) overwhelmingly prefer “Merry Christmas” more than Democrats (51%). Far more Democrats (43%) wish for “Happy Holidays” signs than Republicans (13%).

In terms of age, men (73%) and women (68%) over 40 want signs to say “Merry Christmas” slightly more than men (63%) and women (55%) under 40.

Regardless of what the signs say, 53% will be attending a Christian church service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year. That’s down four points from last year. One-third (32%) do not plan to go to a service.


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5 Responses to “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays”

  1. Jamie Holts says:


    I like your site and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Angie says:

    These are interesting stats. I prefer Merry Christmas, then I am not so politically correct. In fact, I think it is silly to take what started as Christmas and try to make it something else to satisfy those who could care less about it anyway..just saying. We have holidays for everything else, why not keep Christmas? We know the answer. The PC want Christ out of everything these days.

  3. Angie, I agree completely … political correctness (the extreme leftist battle to make independent thought unacceptable) has run amok.

    And, the ongoing attempts to ban the word “Christmas” is indicative of a greater scheme to stifle christian traditions.

    Merry Christmas to you Angie.

  4. JPK7777777 says:

    Merry Christmas & May God Bless The USA!

  5. bassfooler says:

    I use them all by Merry Xmas is always First Like My Country (O:

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