Russia Drops Anchor in US Backyard

by LukeAmerica2020
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has completed a four-nation tour of South America (2008-11-30) aimed at boosting trade and Russian influence in the region. He ended his trip with the words: “we are back in South America” – a region the U.S. has traditionally considered its backyard.

Medvedev visited Peru (Alan Garcia), Brazil (Luiz Inacio), Venezuela (Hugo Chavez), and Cuba (Raul Castro). Why has Russia intensified its activity in Latin America? Is Moscow looking for new political and military partners?

These videos are from the RussiaToday YouTube channel.

Russia Today News Report

Medvedev’s Video Blog

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3 Responses to Russia Drops Anchor in US Backyard

  1. Kingtexas1 says:

    Strategically it’s a good move on their part. They are doing business. We have numerous defense shields and ships all over the world. IMO we have no right to buck as long as no threat to peace. At least not now. I wonder what our move will be. Will we become involved somehow or blow a cold wind that way. I’m sure we will keep our eyes on what’s happening. Who knows? Maybe we can do some trade with Russia.

  2. It seems to me that in light of America’s economic woes and our low political approval by other nations, Russia is now working diligently to position itself as a superior political and military power.

    Russia was crippled financially years ago partly due to their costly battles against radical muslims; now similar battles have taken their toll on our country. Perhaps, the Russians hope to emerge from these current maneuverings with economic superiority as well.

    If this were a huge, multi-year chess game, Russia sacrificed a knight and a bishop in 1989 (giving up their satellites in Eastern Europe) so that they could promote pawns to queens and rooks in 2009 (regaining their political, economic, and military power).

  3. JS says:

    The EU Russia Centre is conducting a survey to establish what opinion formers in the EU think about the new President and the measures he should undertake to initiate reform in Russia. The arrival of a new leader in the Kremlin is an opportunity for EU opinion formers who are knowledgeable about affairs in Russia to remind him of these issues, and highlight particular activities that might be undertaken by President Medvedev to reverse the current situation.

    The survey is available at

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