Video: Declaration of Dependence

by LukeAmerica2020
Explaining why he is a conservation republican, MachoSauceProductions points out the perils of becoming dependent on the government. “Their job is not to provide for us; it is to protect us so that we can get the provisions we need ourselves. We the people made this the greatest country on earth … not the government.

This video is from the MachoSauceProductions YouTube channel.
“I’m a conservative republican because I recognize that we enjoy a constitutional republic … we employ democratic processes.

Freedom of speech, the first amendment, is your right to speak out against your government if you feel that your government is getting out of line. We have a special tool to protect our constitutional republic, the second amendment — your right to bear arms.

Many of us have declared our dependence on the government. You can not become dependent on someone without allowing them to control you. The more dependent you are on someone, the more control they have over you.”



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