Gun Sales Continue to Soar

by LukeAmerica2020
We reported 30 days ago that gun sales were soaring across the nation. Firearms and ammunition sales continue to boom. A simple Google News search for “gun sales are up” or “gun sales soaring” reveals numerous recent stories concerning this race beat the inauguration. While many retailers are struggling to break even this holiday season, business has been booming for gun dealers and warehouse distributors nationwide (up 42%).

This pre-emptive initiative to “bear arms while we can” is concerned that with President-elect Barack Obama in the White House and a Democrat-majority Congress tough, new gun laws are just around the corner. It may mean fewer opportunities to buy guns. Although an outright firearms ban seems unlikely, gun owners are worried about higher taxes on gun transactions and greater fees for Firearm Ownership Identification Card applications.

Gun-rights advocates should also recognize that if the Dems do curtail, stifle, or eliminate guns sales, there is another point to consider. They will also stop usage of existing guns by cutting off ammo sales. If you are concerned, stock up on ammo NOW.

This video is from the TheDon5674 YouTube channel.

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3 Responses to Gun Sales Continue to Soar

  1. But, Obama just said on Sunday that gun owners have “nothing to fear” and there’s no reason to rush out and stockpile guns.

    Gee, I believe him don’t you?


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