Parting Thoughts — New Year’s Eve

by LukeAmerica2020

At the end of this eventful year, I’d like to thank you for visiting this blog the last couple of months. It has been a delight to have researched and written these conservative-leaning posts. But, the endeavors have usurped a large amount of my time from other duties and responsibilities.

Moreover, unpublished research is leading me to anticipate a series of events for the upcoming year which consume me with dread at the thought of ongoing research. Below, you’ll find my predictions for 2009. You may want to save this article as a time-stamped MHT or PDF for comparison one year from now. You could also save it as a browser bookmark.

Over the years, I’ve followed the news sharing trend forecasts and premonitions with kith and kin. Typically, the accuracy is about 60 percent within 60 days of the time frame (better than wild guessing). Sometimes it has been startling.

The Sunday before the space shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986, I awoke from a dream insisting to my girlfriend that it would explode in mid-air. Just before 9-11, a friend and I shared premonitions of what happened days later. On July 17 of this year, I told my sister and brother-in-law on the last day of their vacation with me that in September or October, the financial system in our country would abruptly escalate to a level of collapse that would cause nearly catastrophic panic. Of course, now, I’ve been wrong a number of times too … very wrong.

Here’s my new year’s gift to you. If you discover that a reasonable portion of these forecasts are accurate, then prepare yourself for those beyond that point in time. Prepare your family, friends, and loved ones.

Yes; I understand that you didn’t come here for analytical forecast shenanigans from a trend analyst or for augury from a blogger with an over-active pineal gland. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to share these concerns as my penultimate post. The final should be a follow-up later in the year.

  •   •   Obama’s inauguration will go off without a hitch. Two assassination plots will be stopped (one within hours of coming into fruition); but, the public will not be apprised (partly due to the special technology used to discover one of them).
  •   •   Unlike the despicable immaturity displayed by Clinton and his staff surrounding Bush’s inauguration in 2001, ‘W’ will quietly and honorably fade into the background (for several months).
  •   •   As promised, Obama will “hit the ground running”. He’ll fire off executive orders, encourage wildly liberal legislation, and make “campaign” speeches at an unprecedented pace. Even his detractors will be stunned by the rapidity. His speeches will continue to mesmerize.
  •   •   Throughout the year, Obama will butt heads as frequently with Pelosi as he does with conservative leaders. He will repeatedly feign efforts at bipartisan support.
  •   •   Obama’s poor judgment will be revealed by some selections of his staff and cabinet. He and Rahmbo will vehemently argue early on about errors; but, only insiders will know about the intense discord.
  •   •   More and more political corruption will be exposed in Obama’s hometown (some will realize that these investigations were deliberately hushed during the election). These discoveries will drag on as we also become aware of the magnitude of corruption in DC … the direct correlation between “campaign donations” and quid pro quo earmarks in legislation. It will be so rampant and so exposed that by mid-year, the term “earmark” will move into common parlance.
  •   •   By April, the mainstream press will begin coverage of the imminent drug war at our southern border. By the end of July, narco-bloodshed will spill over into America well beyond the border. Such vast numbers of Mexicans will flee to our country that tent cities will be constructed in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to house the refugees.
  •   •   Homeless people will be secretly abducted off of the streets in many cities for experimentation and extermination. Some will notice their absence; but few will care.
  •   •   Right now, every time Obama makes a speech the stock market drops. Few realize this today. But, by March it will begin to be covered by the press that his “doom and gloom; destroy businesses small and large” machinations do have a direct correlation to stock market activity.
  •   •   The Dow will hover 7000 by the end of February, 6000 by the end of March … due chiefly to the unrelenting attacks by liberals and socialists against all businesses except their own financiers. It will stabilize in the 5.5K to 6.5K range for a few month months.
  •   •   Obama, his minions, and the liberal congress will spin their dramatic and rapid expansion of government and taxation duping most of the public into believing it is only the rich who will suffer. By June, we will all realize their deceit.
  •   •   The Labor Department will report new jobless claims in excess of a half-million a month for the first four of the year. The numbers will drop somewhat in April, increasing in smaller counts thereafter. Obama’s November promise to “create” 2.5 million new jobs in his first year will not materialize. Fearing exposure of the utter fallacy of his pledge, he’ll change the the message to “create or save” 3 million jobs “in his first term”.
  •   •   Schemes will be passed as law to take money through various levels of taxation from working Americans donating to those who do not work as “tax credits” and to pay the mortgages of those who never qualified for loans and never intended to repay them.
  •   •   The administration’s plan to supercharge union growth by eliminating secret ballots will not succeed as originally planned.
  •   •   By April, it will be apparent that the new administration’s policy is to “punish the hard-working and successful WHILE rewarding looters, parasites, and moochers.” Redistribution of wealth by those who have earned it to those who have not will inflame many hard-working Americans further damaging the economy. Many blacks will be duped into believing this is a racial issue. By July, there will be riots in the streets engendered specifically by these policies (further heated by high temperatures, financial calamity, and racial friction). The Summer of Rage will begin as first steps in The Tea Party Revolution.
  •   •   As businesses and financial institutions collapse throughout the year, a growing majority will recognize that this was the intent of the administration’s and congress’s “wild and crazy” wanton spending sprees which only helped their cronies and increased dependence on the federal government. By April, continuous headlines will discuss the “trillions” of dollars spent on government growth, business destruction, and false claims of job creation. More will be spent (or promised) by this administration in four months than ever before in history … four to five “trillion”.
  •   •   Gun sales will continue to soar. Demand will outpace supply by March; and, prices will likewise soar. New laws will be enacted banning automatic weapons, increasing ammo and gun taxes, and allowing law suits against gun manufacturers.
  •   •   By April, Native Americans will sue the government over a tribal issue.
  •   •   In May, China’s wealthiest will begin to populate the pacific northwest through legal immigration and land purchases. It will be many more months before the general population discovers this second tier of their domination.
  •   •   Glenn Beck’s move to FNC will capture an enormous share of the commentary market. He will advance in position as a top-tier conservative leader. But, in August a major faux pas is revealed which causes him some degree of notoriety. His apology and tears, though, will soon re-invigorate his acceptance.
  •   •   Most republican politicians will shift back toward the fiscal and social values upheld by their base. Many will be coerced into doing this, angering their financial backers.
  •   •   By May, sovereignty, secession, and civil war will be seriously discussed by several state legislatures as the federal government’s corruption, dominance, taxation, and gun control become more widespread. The disclosure of a secret deal with China for American land will further fan the flames of revolution. New federal laws in citizen monitoring disguised as health care, licensing, gun control, and security will lead to thousands of arrests. These efforts along with new executive orders will make Bush and Cheney look like mild-mannered pacifists. All the while, the MSM will deride these hard-working, freedom-loving constitutionalists as ‘weak-minded hicks clinging to their guns and religion’.
  •   •   By May, Obama’s pledged civilian defense force will begin to come into fruition. The nation’s young people will be inculcated against their progenitors and against business pledging loyalty to the ever-more-corrupt federal government. His CDF will then grow quickly in response to civil unrest and three acts of terrorism (two home-grown). They will become the Vigilant Civilian Defense Corps (eagerly spying on family, friends, and neighbors). Obama’s lack of reaction to one of the terrorist acts will stun the nation.
  •   •   In June, after a single provocation, Israel will simultaneously launch preemptive strikes on three fronts. The US, Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia will lead the way to control the ordeal. Oil prices will peak to new levels.
  •   •   Citigroup will collapse and be split into separate companies, but it will be called restructuring and redistribution.
  •   •   The so-called Fairness Doctrine will resurface under a different name. Opposition to the socialist agenda and toward Muslim terrorists will be legally labeled as criminal “hate speech”.
  •   •   By July, major insurance companies, and even the FDIC, will teeter on failure.
  •   •   A new virus will spread across the world killing many. But, the first inoculation itself will actually kill many more shortly thereafter.
  •   •   By August, it will be common knowledge that the liberal refusal to drill for oil off of California and the East Coast has nothing to do with environmental protection or even coerced behavioral modification. These mega-billions of dollars worth of much-needed oil along with the valuable mineral rights to vast amounts of real estate have been collateralized for loans from China.
  •   •   Church and synagogue attendance will skyrocket throughout the year.
  •   •   UN Troops and private mercenaries will be used to control unrest in some American cities once it becomes apparent that the military and police are reluctant to turn against faithful Americans in favor of a corrupt, ever-growing federal government.
  •   •   Two conservative leaders and one liberal will be assassinated. One of these will be discovered to have been a hoax.
  •   •   In June, a major UFO event will persuade many skeptics.
  •   •   In July, coordinated terrorist attacks will take place across the globe in a 3-day period.
  •   •   Joe the Plumber will grow in popularity and become a strong symbol of the average man.
  •   •   In intervals I’ve called JASON Phase Markers, particular trends come into escalated prominence. In 2007 (July, August, September, October, and November), it was our failing infrastructure and underground explosions. In 2008, it was our failing financial system. In 2009, it will be our failing government … unrest will spread across the globe as it recently did in Iceland.
  •   •   By October, poverty and food shortages will be a major issue throughout the country; food will be used as a tool of submission. America will engage a war against the Mexican Narco-State. Many illegal immigrants will unwillingly join the battle to regain their country.
  •   •   Throughout the year, traumatic events will come in rapid succession. The increased unity of friends and family will soothe the ongoing stress.
  •   •   The end of 2009 and early 2010 will mark the last real opportunity for a turning point to restore the United States to its core values. The course of our future will be decided conclusively by the people during this time. No twelfth-hour hindsight will be able muster a meaningful rebellion. Obedience may become the new life; control may become the new liberty; duty to the government may become the new pursuit of happiness.


3 Responses to Parting Thoughts — New Year’s Eve

  1. David says:

    It is amazing how accurate your predictions have turned out to be. Very odd, indeed.

  2. Keesa Labahn says:

    As crazy as this sounds I have my own way of prediction, and though it may not be as clear….things do line up…May-June Will be a cycle of life, cruel fate, SEVERE DEPRESSION, Violent attack, Martyrdom, Isolation and UNREASONING VIOLENCE. This is what came up for me….

  3. btw says:

    “… The end of 2009 and early 2010 will mark the last real opportunity for a turning point to restore the United States to its core values. The course of our future will be decided conclusively by the people during this time. No twelfth-hour hindsight will be able muster a meaningful rebellion. Obedience may become the new life; control may become the new liberty; duty to the government may become the new pursuit of happiness…”
    If you believe or not quite believe in this forcast, please still go to
    the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!”

    and think about that prediction.

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