Common Sense 2020

by LukeAmerica2020

Do you wonder which direction our country is headed with all of these bailouts, handouts, and loans to big businesses from our representatives in DC?

Isn’t it time that government authority be derived from the consent of the governed … from we, the people?

Are you aware of the hundreds of Tea Party protests taking place around the nation and the ones planned for April 15? Are you aware of Glenn Beck’s ‘We Surround Them’ movement? Every day, more and more concerned Americans join these constructive activities.

We are so inspired by these patriotic Americans and so disappointed with the ongoing disregard for its citizens that our federal government is displaying that we started a monthly newsletter.

Common Sense 2020 is an entertaining expression of what Thomas Paine, the Father of the American Revolution, might discuss if he were around today. He might even call many of these folks in DC today ‘non-representing representatives’.

The articles inside our premier issue include:
  + We, The People, Take Our Nation Back
  + Who Wants Gun Control?
  + Who Was Thomas Paine?
  + New Tax Exemption?
  + What is an American?

Our home page:
Premier newsletter download: Common_Sense_2020_2009-04-01.pdf

Take a few moments to enjoy this new FREE publication. Email it to friends and family. You can also print it for those who don’t have a computer.

This video is from the FunBobBasso YouTube channel.

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