101 Tea Party Sign Slogans

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by LukeAmerica2020
tea_party_signs_thumbThe second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 2000 Tax Day Tea Parties are scheduled for April 15th, in cities large and small, coast to coast. These patriotic gatherings will range in size from a few dozen to as many as 10,000 in larger cities.

While many of us are beginning to plan the day and make our signs, a lot of folks are looking for ideas for their slogan. We’ve explored every nook and cranny of the world wide web culling through endless photos of signs from the numerous protests in March to bring you some of the very best slogan ideas. 😆

BTW, that first wave of Tea Party Protests was barely covered by the MSM. This tax day concerted effort across the entire nation will get the attention of the media and our ‘non-representing representatives’ in DC. And, it is important to note that the press (print, Web, and television) tend to focus on the signs.

Below are 101 interesting (and alphabetized) slogans to get you started. But, remember these protests do not necessarily favor one political party over the other, so make a careful choice for your slogan.

Plus, we’ve also got an instructional video for you that details how to construct a protest sign on a budget.

Boston Tea Party – December 16, 1773

223 Slogan Ideas … (updated 2009-04-13)

  •   •   $11 Trillion and climbing – Now that’s a lot of change!
  •   •   3 Simple Words: WE THE PEOPLE
  •   •   Andrew Jackson was Right: No to Bank Nationalization
  •   •   April is the month when the green returns to the lawn,
         the trees and the IRS.
  •   •   Armed and Dangerous … WITH MY VOTE
  •   •   Bailouts + Debt = fiscal child abuse
  •   •   Born Free, Taxed to Death
  •   •   Can We Bankrupt The Country? YES WE CAN
  •   •   Can We Lay Off Congress?
  •   •   CAP (your income) & TRADE (your freedom)
  •   •   Cap and Trade = Trap and Raid
  •   •   Capitalism is NOT the problem; Ivy League politicians ARE
  •   •   Cut Government Spending; Fire a Politician
  •   •   Cut Taxes, Not Deals
  •   •   D.C. = District of Corruption
  •   •   DC: Find Another Country to Pillage and Plunder
  •   •   DC: If You Have Time To Read My Sign,
         Try Reading Some Legislation!
  •   •   DC: The Longer You Stay, The Less You Remember About US
  •   •   Debt is the problem; how can it be the solution too?
  •   •   Don’t Bail Out The Boat: FIX THE LEAK
  •   •   Don’t Tax Me Bro
  •   •   Don’t Tread On Me
  •   •   Don’t spread the wealth; spread my work ethic
  •   •   Don’t Mortgage my Child’s Future
  •   •   Don’t Mortgage my Grandchildren’s Future
  •   •   Don’t Mortgage the Future
  •   •   Don’t Stimulate … Liberate
  •   •   Down With Tyranny! Up With Liberty!
  •   •   DOWNSIZE D.C.
  •   •   Economics for Dummies AND Congress:
         Spend Less Than You Earn
  •   •   End The Fed
  •   •   Equal OPPORTUNITY not Equal Distribution !!!
  •   •   Et tu, Sacramento?
  •   •   Fair Tax or No Tax
  •   •   Fix the Economy, Not Bankrupt OUR Children, Stupid
  •   •   Foreclose the White House
  •   •   Fraud is NOT a Right!
  •   •   Free Markets, Not Free Loaders!
  •   •   Freedom Works – Bailouts Hurt
  •   •   Give Us a Break Before WE Are Broken
  •   •   Give us liberty; not debt
  •   •   GOD Only Requires 10%
  •   •   Government Doesn’t Create Jobs … They Cremate Jobs
  •   •   Got Money?? Don’t Let the Government Know
  •   •   Green House Gases: Our money being burned in Washington
  •   •   Help Me Mr. Obama, They Want Me To Work and Stuff!
  •   •   High Taxes + Big Government = SLAVERY
  •   •   Honest Change for America: The Constitution
  •   •   HONK for Capitalism
  •   •   HONK … If I’m paying your mortgage
  •   •   HONK … If you don’t like the word TRILLION$
  •   •   HONK … If you pay my neighbor’s mortgage
  •   •   HONK … If You’re Fed Up With Both Sides of the Aisle
  •   •   HONK … If you’re paying my health care
  •   •   HONK … If you’re paying my mortgage
  •   •   HOPE FOR CHANGE (with pictures of pennies)
  •   •   How about a 90% Tax on Congressional Salaries
  •   •   How can You not Know Where the Billions of My Dollars Go?
  •   •   Human’s First
  •   •   I AM an American and I VOTE
  •   •   I Am Not Your ATM
  •   •   I Voted for Change, Not more Taxation
  •   •   I Voted for Obama, Not Debt for Our Children
  •   •   I Want My Country Back!
  •   •   I Will Keep my Freedom, my Guns, my Money.
         You Keep THE CHANGE!
  •   •   I Will Not Grab My Ankles
  •   •   If Dependence Is Your Idea Of HOPE,
         You Can Keep The CHANGE.
  •   •   If Everyone Paid Taxes … We Would All Be Equal.
  •   •   If You Think Health Care is Expensive Now,
         Wait Until it’s Free
  •   •   If YOU Voted Yes to Spending,
         Consider This Your Going Away Party
  •   •   If You’re Not OUTRAGED, You Aren’t Paying ATTENTION!
  •   •   If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Taxes!
  •   •   If Your Reps Vote “Tax and Spend”,
         Kick ‘em Out in 20 10
  •   •   I’ll keep my freedom, you keep the Change
  •   •   I’ll Pay For My House, You Pay For Yours
  •   •   Ignore Your Rights and They WILL Go Away!
  •   •   I’m taking back my COUNTRY: One Politician at a Time
  •   •   Impeach Congressional Socialists!
  •   •   Instead of Apologizing for America, Apologize TO America
  •   •   Is This What You Voted For?
  •   •   It’s not a stimulus bill, it’s a strangulation bill.
  •   •   It’s Your Obligation to Fix The Country
  •   •   Join Our Cause: Restore the Republic
  •   •   Just say NO … to Socialism
  •   •   Justice Trumps Fairness
  •   •   Keep Your Bailout; I’ll Keep My Freedom
  •   •   Keep Your Hands Out of MY Piggybank
  •   •   Keep Your Kool-Aid; I Drink Tea
  •   •   Knowledge is POWER – Ignorance is Weakness!
  •   •   Land of the FREE
  •   •   Let the markets work
  •   •   Let US keep our money; YOU keep the CHANGE
  •   •   Liberty is All the Stimulus We Need
  •   •   Liberty: A Stimulus We CAN Afford
  •   •   Liberty: All the Stimulus WE Need
  •   •   Limited Government Under GOD
  •   •   Make Way For Liberty
  •   •   Money Only Grows on ACORN Trees
  •   •   More Government for The People =
         Less Freedom of The People
  •   •   More Taxes = Less Jobs
  •   •   My Piggy Bank is NOT Your Pork Barrel
  •   •   Netizen Warriors, Not Dependent Whiners
  •   •   Next Time, Read the Bill Before You Sign It
  •   •   No Bonus for Freddie and Fannie Executives
  •   •   No More Bailouts
  •   •   No Public Money for Private Failure
  •   •   No Spending Without Deliberation
  •   •   No Spending Without Deliberative Representation
  •   •   No Taxation Without Deliberation
  •   •   No Taxation Without Deliberative Representation
  •   •   No Taxation without Representation!
  •   •   No more public money for private failure
  •   •   No to American Socialism
  •   •   No Way, Not Today, I Can’t Pay … Any More
  •   •   O Dow, Where Art Thou
  •   •   Obama has a Crisis of Competence
  •   •   Obama … Commander and Thief
  •   •   Obama – Pelosi – Reid: The Axis of Taxes
  •   •   Obamanomics: Trickle up poverty
  •   •   Obamanomics: Chains You Can Believe In
  •   •   Oh … Now I See … Change Means Socialism
  •   •   Our Congress is a Toxic Asset
  •   •   Party Like It’s 1773
  •   •   Patriots Are On The March
  •   •   Pay for Your OWN Mortgage
  •   •   Politicians Lied and the Economy Died!
  •   •   Pork the Other (Red) Meat
  •   •   Power corrupts; Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely
  •   •   Print Me a Trillion While You’re At It
  •   •   Proud Owner of AIG and General Motors
  •   •   Read My Lipstick; No More Bailouts
  •   •   Read My Lipstick; No New Taxes
  •   •   Read my teleprompter: NO MORE BAILOUTS
  •   •   Read the 10th Amendment – Power to the States!
  •   •   Redistribution just means less for everyone
  •   •   Remember Us: WE THE PEOPLE
  •   •   Repeal the Legislative Pork or Your Bacon is Cooked
  •   •   REPEAL THE PORK!
  •   •   Repeal the Pork or Your Bacon is Cooked
  •   •   Restore the Republic, Revolt Against Socialism
  •   •   Revolution is Brewing
  •   •   Revolution is Brewing … At the POLLS
  •   •   Revolution: Part 2
  •   •   Reward Responsibility, Not Irresponsibility
  •   •   R.I.P. Free Market Economy
  •   •   S. Save; O. Our; S. Sovereignty
  •   •   Save Trees; Stop Printing Money
  •   •   Save the children – Stop spending their money
  •   •   Say No To $lavery
  •   •   Scorn In The USA (Sung to Born in the USA)
  •   •   Silence IS Consent
  •   •   Sleep? I’ll Sleep When Conservatives Run Congress
  •   •   Socialism By Any Other Name Still Stinks
  •   •   Socialism Kills
  •   •   Socialism is Incorrect Change
  •   •   Socialism: Because Everyone Else Deserves Some Of
  •   •   Socialism: Your Tax Dollars at Work,
         for Those Who Won’t.
  •   •   Socialists Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Budget
  •   •   Socialized health is NOT FREE
  •   •   Solve Problems; Don’t Sweep Them Under the Table
  •   •   Solve Problems; Don’t try to Buy Them
  •   •   Special Interests Get the Pork; We Get the Beans.
  •   •   Stimulate Business, Not Government
  •   •   Stop Bankrupting America
  •   •   Stop Giving to Charity: Just Send it to Washington
  •   •   Stop Punishing Success; Stop Rewarding Failure
  •   •   Stop Taxation Without Representation
  •   •   Stop The Looting
  •   •   Stop THEIF !!!
  •   •   Subprime Bailouts are NOT in the Constitution
  •   •   Tax and Spend Brings the End
  •   •   TEA = Taxed Enough Already
  •   •   TEA = Tyranny Elimination Army
  •   •   Tea has Value, Dump the Politicians!
  •   •   Tea Party Today: Tar and Feathers Tomorrow
  •   •   The Answer is Lower Taxes. Next question?
  •   •   The Answer to 2009 is 1776
  •   •   The Constitution is NOT FOR SALE!
  •   •   The Government is Stealing From ALL OF US
  •   •   The Very Small List: Things Government Does Well
  •   •   The buck stops in the voting booth
  •   •   The problem with socialism is that eventually
         you run out of other people’s money.
  •   •   This is our pay, so we do have a say!
  •   •   Trickle Up Poverty
  •   •   Truth, Justice and Real Transparency in Washington
  •   •   Two words for our elected officals: VOTING BOOTH
  •   •   United States of France
  •   •   USA 1776 – 2008: RIP
  •   •   Wake Up America, Before Your Liberty is Gone
  •   •   Wake Up America, Stop the Insanity!
  •   •   Wall Street Got a Bailout; All I Got Was The Bill
  •   •   We ARE American Patriots
  •   •   We Don’t Want No Stinkin Socialism !
  •   •   We Don’t Want Pork, We Want Liberty
  •   •   We have had enough; Stop rewarding failure
  •   •   We have to be just as vocal as the other side,
         or nobody’s going to listen to us.
  •   •   WE The People: YOU Our Servants
  •   •   We Work Hard So You Won’t Have To
  •   •   Welcome to France
  •   •   What part of nO don’t you understand?
  •   •   What Would Jefferson Do?
  •   •   What’s in YOUR wallet? OUR MONEY!!
  •   •   What’s in Your Wallet. Wait a Sec … That’s MY Wallet !!!
  •   •   When Taxes Rise, Freedom Dies
  •   •   Where is John Galt?
  •   •   Where’s My Bailout?
  •   •   Where’s The Fence?
  •   •   Who is in charge? WE ARE!
  •   •   Who Will be Left to Bailout the Government?
  •   •   Will Work for Lower Taxes
  •   •   Work Harder: The Government Needs Your Cash
  •   •   Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions?
  •   •   Yes We Can: Stop the Bailouts and Earmarks!
  •   •   You Can’t Borrow to Prosperity
  •   •   You Can’t Multiply Wealth by Dividing it
  •   •   You Can’t Spend Your Way Out of Debt
  •   •   Your Mortgage is NOT My Problem
  •   •   You ONLY have the Rights
         You are Willing to Fight For
  •   •   Your Pork Broke My Piggy Bank

So … what’s your favorite? If you’ve got a slogan idea that’s not in the list, you can add it in the comments section below.

How to Make a Protest Sign …

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Thomas Paine (Bob Basso) on Tax Day Tea Parties …

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618 Responses to 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans

  1. peach says:

    How about a few signs in Spanish if your party is in an area of Spanish speaksers.
    No impuestos para abortos no taxes for abortions

    no impuestos punto no taxes period

  2. Peach:

    That’s a great idea. I’ll post ’em, if you’ll translate ’em.

  3. Carol says:

    How about this one???

    Hitler’s campaign slogan, like Obama’s was—

    Take from the rich, give to the poor for CHANGE

  4. KC says:

    How about,

  5. Carol and KC:

    Good ideas. Thanks.

    I’ll add a note to the article to: review the comments section for even more slogan ideas.

  6. Donna Dawson says:

    S. Save
    O. Our
    S. Sovereignty

  7. Joe Maikell says:

    We can’t sit on our hands anymore and allow this Socialist agenda to Rule this Wonderful Free Country of Ours..My Wife and I are attending the Fort Worth Tea Party at La Grave Field on APril 15th at 6:00 Pm in Fort Worth..We are inviting eveyone that believes in Freedom and liberty to attend.. The United States of America..Born July 4th 1776
    Died January 20th, 2009…God Bless Our Country
    Joe and Linda Maikell

  8. Joe:

    You are so right. We MUST take OUR country back.

  9. Gerry & Rosalind Winsko says:

    Obama, our counterfeit President, is taking us on a path to a Marxist, Socialist nation and shredding our Constitution. Now is the time expose the lies and fraud he and his minions have initiated.

  10. […] Tea Party Sign Slogans 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans LukeAmerica2020 […]

  11. Stephanie says:

    Incumbent = Incompetent

  12. gayle says:

    Cut Government spending,
    Fire a Politition.

  13. LaDonna Anderson says:

    I’m taking back my COUNTRY:


  14. john dubois says:

    Here is one slogan

    The FEDS could not make a profit
    running the
    Mustang Ranch

  15. Jim Gray - Nashville says:

    Tea Party sign: TERM LIMITS!!!

  16. John M. says:

    I will be at the San Bernardino, CA Tea Party

    *The Answer is Lower Taxes, Next question?
    *Obama+Pelosi+Reid=Bankrupt America
    *High taxes+Big government=SLAVERY
    *give us a break before we are broken
    *Dont bail out the boat, FIX THE LEAK
    *Et tu, Sacramento?
    *Government: GET OUT OF OUR WAY, we can handle it!
    *more taxes, less jobs
    *That Giant Sucking Sound is our wallets being emptied
    *I will not grab my ankles
    *Will Work for Lower Taxes
    *Print me a trillion while your at it
    *Who is in charge? WE ARE!
    *Tax and spend brings the end
    *Our Constitution: Born in 1787, trashed in 2009
    *USA 1776-2008 RIP
    *No Way, not today, I cant pay- any more
    *When Taxes rise, freedom dies
    *What part of nO don’t you understand?
    *IRS F.O.

    for retired people and veterans:

    I PAID MY DUES, USMC 1958-1962 (Thats for me, pick your own)

    Taxpayer 19XX-20XX,

    How much more can I give? already paid my dues!

    When I took the oath, I meant it! (Branch of service, dates)

  17. JoAnn Young says:

    How about:



  18. cmblake6 says:

    Oo! Good stuff! Like the site, and the post!

  19. Rick says:

    I see a lot of slogans, but is there anything other than tax cuts that your movement supports?

  20. […] Party Stuff! 2009 April 5 by cmblake6 Go here! Really good stuff […]

  21. Where were you when the last guy was in office creating the current situation?

  22. Daniel says:

    Where’s the anger for Larry Summers, the jerk who pushed for bank de-regulation in the first place?

  23. Rick says:

    Larry Summers was a nobody. Phil Gramm, George Bush and the Republicans were setting policy after 2001. Democrats caved.

    I’m a left winger, and I’ll admit that liberals didn’t stand up to Bush. Big deal. Obama’s correcting things.

    But what’s the conservative solution? Endless tea parties? Endless tax cuts? No jobs?

  24. Dangle says:

    * I voted for Obama, not debt for out children
    * I voted for Change, Not more taxation
    * NO bonus for Freddie and Fannie executives
    * Fix the economy, not bankrupt our children, stupid

  25. Daniel says:

    Summers was the guy in the Clinton administration pushing these policies in the first place (Clinton was a Republican, though nobody on this blog would ever accept it). I’m pissed that Summers (and Geithner), the two big “free market” cheerleaders, are even a part of this administration.

    The conservative solution appears to be “let the market work it out,” because we can see how well that worked …

  26. Rick says:

    Summers went along with the unlimited “free market” thinking that has been dominant since Reagan. He was a follower, not a leader. Clinton was wrong, too, though I still think he was a good president.

    Mavbe they’ve both learned something. God knows conservative ideas have driven us into a ditch.

  27. Daniel says:

    A ditch!? I’d say it’s more like a sinkhole.

    It’s hilarious that people running blogs like this one think Obama is creating the sinkhole. Bush led the largest government expansion in decades with programs like Homeland Security. Meanwhile, the money wasted on our Middle East hijinks is far greater than Obama’s proposed stimulus. FOX News broke their brains

  28. maureen says:

    how about : Where’s the beef? RIGHT HERE!!!

  29. Nice slogan additions guys. Thanks.

  30. John M: That’s a nice list you added. Thanks.

  31. Rick & Daniel:

    There is no doubt that ‘leaders’ in both parties … through action and inaction … have brought us to this critical economic juncture in our great nation’s history.

    Yes; it started under a ‘republican’ administration with a ‘democrat’ congress. Any informed and realistic conservative would surely admit this. Any informed and realistic liberal should accept it as well.

    Moreover, anyone who follows the news has full cognizance that in the last few months the overwhelming push in DC has been to accelerate spending to dangerously unprecedented levels while expanding the size and role of the federal government ensuring that our citizens grow ever-more dependent on DC.

    Most Americans did not support the bailouts that started in September. And, each day more and more of us grow utterly frustrated with the rapid onslaught of fiscally irresponsible actions hurled at us from the nation’s capital.

    These Tea Parties are not necessarily about political parties. They are, first and foremost, a protest against wanton government spending and against ‘non-representing representatives’ who are resolutely defiant of the overwhelming will of … WE, the people.

    Who among us could possibly be enchanted with a 1000+ page bill for $787 Billion dollars that not a single ‘representative’ read before signing?

    Who among us could possibly be in favor of getting 10 to 12 dollars back per week in our paychecks when each and every household will be paying $100 to $150 a month more on our power bills as a deliberate consequence of the new ‘cap-and-trade’ energy taxes?

    Who among us wants our children and their children to be burdened with the repayment of these ongoing bailouts, handouts, and earmarks through lifetimes of dramatically increased taxes?

    Who among us is stimulated and encouraged by emerging policies to punish success while rewarding failure?

    Who indeed? Not … WE THE PEOPLE.

    In matters of politics, silence IS consent!!

  32. Renee says:

    Hey Washington,
    Quit Teabagging the

  33. cmblake6 says:

    Luke? Oorah! Lefty trolls? With your “seminar b.s.”? ____ ____! It has indeed gone beyond party. Those RINOs that caved to the leftist attitude, attempting to go along to get along, were just as wrong as YOUR “tax and spend: liberal representatives (?) in their attempts to destroy America and allow the UN to govern US as well as the rest of the world. Our Great Grandchildren will be paying off the TRILLIONS of dollars this blatant commun/fasc/socialist is committing our country to.

  34. Daniel says:

    cmblake, the Obama plan isn’t trillians, it’s 800 billion and it’s lower than he originally wanted to propose (and which most economists say is necessary). Why aren’t you outraged at Bush for wasting over a trillion dollars in Iraq & Afghanistan or for growing the government through DHS? You’re awfully selective about “tax and spend” complaints.

  35. P Fruge says:

    Hey Daniel, Did you not hear Obama say he would bring our troops home ? Yet he is sending more troops to Afghanistan. How about his promise for transparent government ? Its not transparent when its all blacked out with markers. He is spending more money faster than all other Presidents put together . How many promises did he keep ? How about the help for the working class that has to pay for everyone else ? They cannot help when the working class are losing all their jobs, Welfare cannot support the country , Someone has to pay the bills !!! I’m tired of it being the middle class. It has nothing to do with parties or race !!! The average working man/woman is tired of all the spending, especially without even reading what they are spending it on. I think all the politicians in Washington should be fired, regardless of party. They work for US in case you/they have forgot.

  36. Daniel says:

    Obama hasn’t done much to make me happy but repealing the Bush/Cheney tax cuts is a good start. Especially capital gains (to be fair, this was Cheney’s idea and Bush didn’t want to do it)

    I hope Obama gets the military out of Afghanistan and brings out the torture memos but the Republican party (per Newsweek and the Daily Beast) is leveraging appointee approvals against the memos to cover its own ass.

    Obama’s trying his best to turn Bush/Cheney’s pile of shit into something that works. Bitching about his stimulus plan because it’s “government spending” basically says you’re happy with the pile of shit. It’s also selective because we waste more money on the Afghan/Iraq debacle. End the military machine and there would be more money than Ted Kennedy could spend in a lifetime

    Obama’s plan is to relieve the middle class (he never talks working class, but nobody in either party does these days) tax burden and put it on the top earners, where it should be. There was once a 90% tax rate on the highest bracket in this country, back in the conservative glory days of the 1950s, but the shouts for no taxes seem to have clouded over this detail.

  37. Rob says:


  38. JCoop says:

    Here are a couple of slogans:

    Impeach Congressional Socialists!
    Impeach Obama!
    Hey, hey! Not so fast! Shove your taxes up your (picture of a jackass)
    Hell no! We won’t pay!

    And a comment:

    Funny how liberals seem to forget how long liberals have been in charge of Congress which is where government spending comes from…

  39. American Daughter:

    Thanks for the Google map. There certainly are a LOT us.

  40. Kathy says:

    Polititians are not the solution to our problems they are the problem!
    put God First and see our country change for the good again.

  41. Laura says:

    I can’t take credit for any of these, but would like to pass them on:

    “Hey! Congress! Leave our kids alone ~ Stop the Madness” (with apologies to Pink Floyd)

    If it moves – tax it
    If it keeps moving – regulate it
    If it stops moving – subsidize it

    The power to tax involves the power to destroy

    Don’t burden our children with your fiscal irresponsibility

    D. C. = District of Corruption

    This is not about being Republican or Democrat
    It is about being American

    Heaven help these fools
    Who legislate our rights away

    You only have the rights
    You are willing to fight for

    Who will be left to bailout the government?

    If you aren’t outraged at both sides of the aisle
    You’re not paying attention

    Got Money?? Don’t let the government know

    The government is stealing from all of us

    Honk if you’re fed up with both sides of the aisle

    CAP (your income)
    TRADE(your freedom)

    Our Congress is a Toxic Asset

    Hello Washington
    I’m awake I’m watching I’m taking notes
    I’m an American & I VOTE

    I’m a Home grown American ~
    How about you??

    Work harder ~ the government need your cash

    Stop giving to charity~
    Just send it to Washington

    Pledge your alligence to the USA
    Pledge you alligence to the Constitution

    Truth, Justice &
    real transparency in Washington

  42. Daniel says:

    Kathy: Does that mean you don’t vote?

  43. Amy says:

    Hi! I am a graphic designer, and I put together some FREE download-able Tea Party Sign Artwork. A fast way to make MANY signs!!

  44. Daniel says:

    Kathy: Isn’t blaming politicians as a whole is a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  45. Kathy says:

    I do vote!
    However we can not depend on man to have all the solutions to our problems when God is first things are better.

  46. P Fruge says:

    Daniel, You dip shit , the middle class is the working class. Michele said Bush’s stimulas plan could only buy a pair of earrings , but at least I could choose my own and where I bought them . With Obama’s I could only shop at Claire”s or the dollar store. President Bush at least put the money in my pocket. Did it ever occur to you that the people that have the most money in this country earned it ? Maybe if all the people that is sitting on their couches ,while the government supports them at the cost of the Working Man would get off their asses and do something constructive the country would not be in the shape it is in !!!The ones that have the money employ the ones that work.

  47. P Fruge says:

    Kathy , I agree with you, we need to put God first and the rest will be taken care of in the end. But by the same token we need to take responsibility for our actions , we have let the wrong people have too much power and control, and that is both parties. We need someone in office that has Moral Values and that not sold his/her soul ! Any ideas on who that could be.

  48. Don Thompson says:

    Watch this message from Thomas Paine:

  49. Martin A. Noyes says:


    Not only would the Fed not make a profit running the Mustang Ranch, they probably would incur a 200% overrun due to defense contractors underbidding on the project cost. In addition, due to poor controls, we’d all likely come down with an STD.

  50. J Luciano says:

    My sign will say

    If your reps vote “tax and spend”
    Kick ’em out in 20 10!

  51. KMX says:

    I love all the slogans. And I am happy we are not making this about Obama. The issue is bigger than one man. It’s about all our congressional leaders who fail to follow the constitution. Grteat keep up the great work with the slogas. I hope we have volunteers who would look out for trouble makers at the tea party. We know some people may come with racist signs just so the media can blame republcians.

  52. SW Lace says:


  53. Kathy says:

    we must stand United as One Nation Under God NOT many Nations under man.
    we need to fight for the right things

  54. Kathy says:

    right on SW Lacey… 🙂

  55. Deb W says:

    My poster will be saying “Welsome to the American Revolution II – April 15, 2009.
    I am also making lots of buttons with many different slogans to hand out free, and ribbons that say “Proud to be an American” and “America”. Hoping we can all make this day the 1st of the many needed to reverse course for our Country.
    I am also making a poster that asks the Republicans what they plan to do to prove they won’t let us down in the future if they would get back in power.
    I for 1 want a party – A Conservative Party. Thanks for the site!

  56. Daniel says:

    Did it ever occur to you that the people that have the most money in this country earned it ?

    Really? You think the crooks on Wall St. earned their money? They stole it from us!
    (Sorry for confusing middle/working class, I said working class meaning lowest wage earners and impoverished people)

    Kathy: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, India and Malaysia, Kurdistan, Pakistan, and Iran all believe they are nations under God. How’s that working out for them? War, terror, and subjugated populations …

  57. sara says:

    Daniel. Obamas budget that was recently passed by congress totals up to more money than we’ve spent on afghanistan AND iraq in the past 8 YEARS.

  58. sara says:

    but that is BESIDE the point. Bush signed a stimulus, obama signed a stimulus, WE ARE TIRED OF THEM SPENDING OUR MONEY!!!! give me my full paycheck, and ill redistribute my OWN wealth. http://www.fairtax.org

  59. sara says:

    And how about this for a sign:

    “Common Sense, It’s not just a book”


  60. Daniel says:

    you’re talking budgets, I’ve been talking stimulus bill (d’oh!)

    Even so, I’ll stand by this: A big budget is, unfortunately, what this under-funded government needs. Important programs have gone under-funded and under-staffed for too long and if you want an effective government then sometimes you have to pay for it. Given a choice between a “big” government that does its job and an under-funded one that is more “efficient,” I’ll take the former

  61. Daniel says:

    And I’ll add this: Instead of railing against the SCHIP program, maybe we should all be bitching at Obama’s insistence on upping the ante in Afghanistan — a classic example of imperial overstretch. The budget sure would be a lot smaller if not for that …

  62. sara says:

    so…..more debt is the answer to debt? really worked for japan right? (do some stimulus homework, and youll find out that no stimulus bill that has ever been implemented has ever worked, anywhere) but if ur motto is if its broke lets exploit it, go for it. just remember to thank the underfunded troops for your freedom of expression.

  63. P Fruge says:

    Daniel, Is it true Wall Street workers is the only people in this country that has money? That’s really kinda funny . I bet there is some business owners that did not earn their money on Wall Street but on their hard work and sacrifices , but I would not know about that , because I chose to work for someone else. Had I desired to try and form my own business than I should reap the rewards for doing so. If you had success in the business world , I bet you would not want someone telling you what to do with your money. I don’t think anyone has a problem of helping the less fortunate , I have also had help before , it is the ones that sit back and abuse the system that people have a problem with. You only talk about Wall Street but the Post Master General recieved his bonus after bankrupting the Post Office. You seem to be one-sided against the republican party, but Congress has been controlled by the democrats who for the majority has not paid their taxes. Gietner is a really good choice for handling our finances when he cannot even figure out how to pay his own taxes . The budget was supposed to be done before President Bush was out of office but the senate wanted to wait for Obama so they could pass it without any problems. Obama said he wanted no pork and transparent government but has done just the opposite. He also said less government but is not even paying attention to the Constitution but making up new rules as he goes along . Since when does the president have the athority to fire someone in the private sector reguardless of whom they are employed by. How much power do you wish for us to give the government ? And apparently you must be one that is taking from the government because it does not sound like it is your money they want more of !!! If that is the case you need to get off your @ss and start contributing instead of taking . We work hard for ours and therefore should have a say on how it is spent…

  64. Anna says:

    Daniel, you’re great!

  65. Jennifer Cyr says:

    P Fruge, you’re great!

    This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. Personally, I’ve had nothing but contempt for Republicans ever since the Clinton administration. This gov’t has been going down the wrong road for a long time. In the 70’s, my mother went to work as a tax slave, and we were left latch-key kids in the Bronx. While my mother worked as a slave for the gov’t, I got not one penny in aid for college. Not a red cent, I had to come up with all of it. By the time I was done with that ordeal, I weighed 88 lbs., people swore I was anorexic, and I suffered from malnutrition. Yeah, I’ve been aware of this for decades, and it makes me happy to see that finally finally my fellow Americans are catching on.

    Democrats and Republicans are the same party,
    and We The People are not invited.

  66. jeff jantz says:

    I’ll pay my taxes AFTER my cabinet appointment


    O- rwellian
    B- lamebush
    A- dulation
    M- alfeasance
    A- varice

    Robbin’ hood oh, I got a millon of ’em Jeff Jantz

  67. Alessandra says:

    Bienvenue a France—– means welcome to France in French

  68. […] Looking for ideas for posters? 101 ideas here. […]

  69. cindy says:

    I had a sign in the rear window of my car during the campaign season and for several weeks after the election which read, “Obama Nation = Abomination”. Now I’m putting on a new one, “I tried to tell you, Obama Nation = Abomination”.
    I’ll be telling everyone I know to be at the old and the new courthouse Newton, NC on April 15!

  70. Richard Knoxville says:

    How about adding these slogans:



  71. Ellen says:

    Tax on the “Rich” = Fewer Jobs + Higher Prices for All

  72. Sam Carpenter says:

    Term Limit Congress NEVER REELECT CONGRESS


  73. Shannon says:

    I’ve been a democrat & I’ve been a republican.

    NOW, I’m just plain mad!

  74. Thanks for all the new slogans guys !!! Thanks for sharing.

    Keep ’em coming. Tomorrow, I’ll add these to the list at the top.

    Lots of folks are coming here looking for ideas.

  75. Char says:



  76. Therese says:

    America: It’s your obligation to fix your Country

    Armed and Dangerous…..WITH MY VOTE

    Revolution is Brewing…..At the POLLS

    Two words for our elected officals, VOTING BOOTH


  77. Therese says:

    I am a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, always talked about it as a child with my family and thought it was really a priviledge. But now is the time that ALL of us have to be Partick Henry and speak and speak and speak, the truth, until those we are speaking to take action.

    My sister and I are organizing a tea party in Moriarty NM, then attending the Tea Party in Albuquerque NM on the 15th of April.

  78. kim hoffman says:

    On the google map there are some ballons in blue and yellow what does that mean and the rest are red?_american grl posted the google map w/ all the tea partys…

  79. Umi says:

    “Democrats and Republicans are the same party,
    and We The People are not invited.”

    Now that is a good Slogan!

    How about, “No Representation Without Taxation!”

  80. laurie says:

    Obama Lied and the Economy Died!

  81. Don says:

    America, raise your
    V ote
    O ut
    I ncumbant
    C andidates
    E verywhere

  82. Here’s a map of 1800+ Tax Day Tea Parties:


  83. bgates says:

    Great site! I was just browsing the comments when I read a statement by Daniel that I had to comment on, basically Saudia Arabia, Malayasia, India, Egypt… are basically “Under God” yet they are filled with Poverty and War.

    India, Egypt and Saudia Arabia dealing with poverty and war? War… when? Poverty in Saudia Arabia? Where? You forgot one glaring FACT about your arguement these countries are either muslim or have a strong muslim population.

    Please tell show me a christian nation that has poverty. Don’t say the US because our impoverished would live like kings in other countries. Just drive through a low income housing section of town. Notice all the satellite dishes… that service isn’t free.

  84. P Fruge says:

    I think we also should stage a rally for Sheriff Joe Arpaio , who is being threatened by acorn for doing his job of enforcing illegal immigration. They want his immediate resignation or they will march against him. That is a group that is supported by our hard earned tax dollars. I think political groups should not be able to use government funds. This nation was built on christian beliefs and people that fought to come here accepted the fact that it was a christian nation, even though we agreed to let them worship any way they choose. I want the Constitution and the Bill of Rights respected by all of our elected officials. I vote for us to demand their resignation immediatly or face impeachment for false representation of the people they were elected to represent. It has nothing to do with political parties or race, just moral values, not moronic ideas. If we stop letting our idiots in office , stop spending money faster than they could print it , we could use the money to allow all of our kids go to college free of charge .We could support our elderly people and let them be taken care of in the manner they deserve, not left to die because they cannot afford medicine and other needs. We could rebuild our Military , which despertly needs all the help it can get. We don’t even take care of our soldiers that are coming home with missing limbs and other health problems trying to do a job that our president does not support.

  85. yuekster says:

    Those who voted for OB are fully to blame for what is happening to our great country. You blatantly ignored his radical, anti-American background and here’s your ‘change’. YOU pay for the bailouts!!

  86. yuekster says:

    P Freuge…you are so right. Sheriff Joe is a GREAT AMERICAN and fully deserves our support for doing what is right for AMERICA. Al Sharpton and his acorn scumbags, along with the loser politicians who are trying to railroad Joe are telling us that they hate America and want to change it. Sheriff Joe should be president!! God Bless him.

  87. yuekster says:

    how about this: Ignore your rights and they WILL go away!!

  88. P Fruge says:

    MY 71 year old mother says keep Gitmo open for all the law-breakers in Washington and the scumbags that choose to support them!!! She says if we started putting the illegals in there instead of giving them a reward maybe so many would quit coming in illegally.

  89. Residualist says:

    When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly! ‘The power of one sentence! God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor. If you believe, send it. If you don’t believe, delete it. God closes doors no man can open & God opens doors no man can close. If you need God to open, some doors for you…send this to ten people. Have a blessed day and remember to be a blessing…

  90. Bree says:

    May have missed this one, but:

    Get Out Of My Wallet

  91. pete stone says:

    say NO
    to B.O.

  92. DALE says:


  93. CINDY says:

    Great slogans – short & to the point:




  94. Warren says:

    MEMO: To Congress:
    From: Your BOSS

    RE: What part of WE THE PEOPLE do you not understand?

  95. Warren says:

    You woke the sleeping giant when you stole his wallet!

  96. Warren says:

    You Stole my grandkids Piggy Bank to pay for YOUR change?

  97. Clif says:

    -We Are *NOT* All Socialist Now … Nor Will We Ever Be

    -It’s the Constitution Stupid

    -The US Constitution is less than 100 pages and has been around all your life. What’s your excuse for not reading IT!?

    -Your oath was to uphold the US Constitution, not hold up the US population.

  98. Clif says:

    -Attempting to spending your way out of a recession
    Is like trying to piss your way out of a flood

  99. Clif says:

    -You wanted change and you got.
    Now can I have my money back?

  100. Clif says:

    *Correction and edit*
    -Attempting to spend your way out of a recession
    Is like trying to spit your way out of a flood

  101. […] of Tea Party slogans to choose from if you’re making up your signs […]

  102. Wendy says:

    The More you Make
    The More they Take
    So why work?

  103. […] 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans by LukeAmerica2020 The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 500 Tax Day Tea […] […]

  104. Debra says:

    tea party sign,

    “Send Geithner to Gitmo”

  105. need2scuba says:

    Where did you find that moron to provide picket sign creation video? His Social Security check is going to bankrupt my children. He is stealing from the next generation…

  106. donner says:

    Wake Up America! We’ve been Bamaboozled!!

  107. P Fruge says:

    America has awoken and will not be silent anymore. Like someone said earlier, When they took our wallets they have awoken the sleeping giant and you know the outcome of that war.

  108. Rick in Plano says:

    YOU work for ME
    and I’M keeping score!

  109. RMAD1 says:


  110. Jenn says:

    Recession = You lose your job
    Depression = I lose my job
    Recovery = Obama loses his job

    Make the government fear you…
    Read the Constitution!


  111. Shayna says:

    Revolution: For the people by the people

  112. Clif says:

    When our freedom is lost, how will you explain it to your children?

  113. Jon says:


    “Stop President Pelosi’s and her mouthpiece Barrack Obama’s spending!”

    And I saw this one…


  114. Greg Harrod says:

    ALL of the slogans on this website should be printed up on bumper stickers and made available to folks. Here’s a couple more:

    What “stimulus”? All I see is “strangle-us”

    ACORN: Obama’s brownshirt goon squads

  115. Pamela G. says:

    My contribution to the slogans:

    Enough is Enough!

    What’s my incentive now?

    Remind me again
    why I should work hard?

    A rising tide lifts all boats
    Capitalism Works!

    History proves
    Socialism always fails!

  116. Joseph says:

    I’ll be at the Tea Party in Morristown, NJ this April 15th. My sign will read:

    “Grow Business, Not Government!”

    Great list, btw!

  117. joe says:

    We here in Tiny Taos, NM are having a TEA party and we’re not on anyone’s radar screen. I suspect there are thousands of other tiny towns, villages, small cities across this Great Republic doing the same who are not on any list anywhere.

    One of our slogans is “MY PRESIDENT DOESN’T BOW TO ANYONE
    REMEMBER 1776.

    How do we get added to the list and can we get a full listing of all of the hundreds of thousands of Tiny TEA Parties across the country?


  118. nancz says:

    i have linked to this post at one of my blogs. great job you’ve done with the slogans!

  119. JUST ME says:

    More sign suggestions:







  120. Joe Rooch says:

    My sign will say “Pay Attention Politicians……….This time we’re un-armed and peaceful…………..”

  121. JUST ME says:

    More sign suggestions:






  122. JUST ME says:

    Ooops –



  123. JUST ME says:

    Okay – last one!

    “The more you work..
    The more you earn…
    They more they tax and take..
    You bring home even less!

  124. Always right says:

    Tax & Spend Liberal

    Spend & Tax Liberal

    Is that the CHANGE
    You voted for?

  125. Redeagle in Ca. says:

    2010 Tax Forms

    What did you make last year?

    SEND IT IN!!

  126. GOLFER634444 says:


  127. golfer634444 says:


  128. Redeagle in Ca. says:

    Re-Open GITMO

  129. Rambler says:

    If you are going to the Fair Tax tea party at the main post office on the 15th., 3pm, this should be your sign.

    You should make several to hand out.



    The 16th. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was NEVER ratified.

    .. **The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., 240 US 1,

    which forbid any direct taxation of individuals.” (NCBA Bulletin, May 1988)**

  130. Redeagle in Ca. says:

    The Politicans are committing TREASON by WWII Standards

  131. golfer63444 says:

    Sheriff Joe,
    Please put Obama, Congress, and Kim-Jong IL in Gitmo and build a bridge for Castro,their Idol.

  132. golfer63444 says:

    The Elephant in the Room: Obama vs. United States

  133. Tricia says:

    Thanks so much for the slogans! I don’t know how I’ll ever choose!

    For the folks that think that government is the solution to the ills of the world, take a look at this and see if maybe the light bulb comes on about what the small government camp is going on about. It’s John Stossel on 20/20.


    (Alternatively, take an economics class or two… a world history class could help, too. It’s about how the world really works, not how we may wish it could work.)

  134. Jon says:

    Hey…I’m not sure if anyone else is from Wisconsin, but we’re having a Tea Party at the state capitol in Madison on the 15th. There’s also a website, recalldoyle.com, that’s exploring the possibility of recalling our rabid, liberal spending Governor Doyle!! I hope it takes off!! And good luck to everyone who attends the Tea Parties. Whether at the local, state or national level, these politicians need to know we’re not happy and they need to hear our voices. The political elite in this country(and they’re on both sides)need to start working for US and put the U.S. legal citizens’ interests first! The rock star’s European tour last week has done nothing for us except show the world what a mistake was made last November in electing the most self-centered, inexerienced person to lead the greatest nation in the world. God Bless America and help us through the next 4 years!! Hopefully there will be real change in the 2010 elections!

  135. Heather says:

    I think Daniel needs a reality check. Bush may have spent a trillion dollars to send our troops and equipment over to seize the chaos in Iraq & Afganistan but the money was spent over 7 years and that money was actually performing a task that is supported by the constitution – defending our country and its freedoms. Obama and his administration has been in office less then 3 months and he has managed to spend almost the same amount as Bush bailing out big corporations and CEO’s which goes against our constitution of having self interest – if your business fails it fails, the government needs no hand in deciding if it should succeed even though it has run itself into a ditch. Tea Parties might seem stupid to you, but what is really stupid is that you are still blaming Bush for this when he is long gone! It is the ignorance of people like you have made these tea parties neccessary to seek the survival of our country and the foundations it was built upon. Go blog on another site with your buddies who have the same ignorant veiws and leave the real matters to people who are trying to take a stand and make a difference.

  136. kat c says:

    I can’t decide if I will go to the ‘Party’ in Co Spgs or Denver…..but I will be carrying a sign that says:

    T.A.R.P. = The Audacity of Dopes.

    See on the 15th!

  137. Kathy Loretz says:

    Tea Party April 15th 6:00 P.M. Columbus IN Donnor Park Mike Pence will be there

  138. Tom says:

    “Land of the fee and the home of the slave”

  139. Tom says:

    Slogan….This Tea Party Endorsed and Approved by Our Founding Fathers

    Also…Congress Save America…Impeach Obama Now!

  140. Thanks again guys for ALL the new slogans. I’ll update the list tomorrow … we’ll have over 200 then !!!

    You guys are GREAT. Thank you.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    There SURE is a LOT of interest in the Tea Parties.

    All across our great land on April 15th … we … the people … shall take a stand to take back our country.

    Many will stand together … across our great nation … with one voice !!!

  141. Steven says:

    Why does’nt Obama work for a $1.00 a year.
    Or is that REAL sacrifice?

  142. Steven says:

    Lets be like France…
    from 1789-1799

  143. Steven says:

    If everyone paid taxes…
    Everyone would care

  144. Steven says:

    10% of the populace pays 90% percent of tax revenues…
    Isn’t that DISCRIMINATION?

  145. Steven says:


  146. Steven says:

    “A Government that governs the least, is a government that governs the best, because its people discipline themselves.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  147. […] In addition, we encourage you to join us on the sidewalk to express your support.  This will be your opportunity to be creative.  Although we will have FairTax signs and a banner, individual expression is even better.  Bring signs and posters to tell onlookers, and hopefully the media, what you feel.  If you want examples of slogans and one-liners, go to https://lukeamerica2020.wordpress.com/2009/04/03/101-tea-party-sign-slogans/. […]

  148. Steven says:

    If everyone paid taxes…
    We would all be equal.
    Equality for all.

  149. Steven says:

    I don’t want to be a BEE…

  150. Steven says:

    I do’nt want to be a BEE…
    Stop Socialism before it STINGS…

  151. P Fruge says:

    Hey Guys/Gals The city of our Founding Fathers needs our help. The people of Philadephia is having a very hard time with permits. They received the permit to hold their demonstration but now a week before the Tea Party, they are being told they will have to pay $8000.00 to cover the cost of a PA system and trash cleanup , electricity and other fees. This was all approved before , but now the city officials are calling it an Event instead of a demonstration, even though as residents of the city they already pay for the cost and care of the park. She asked us to call City of Philadelphia Managing Director at (215)686-3488 or Special Events Office at (215)685-0060 . We need to support their effort. I wonder if ACORN has to go through all this ? whoop, I forget they get all the Free TAX Dollars to pay for their demos.

  152. […] and hopefully the media, what you feel.  If you want examples of slogans and one-liners, go to https://lukeamerica2020.wordpress.com/2009/04/03/101-tea-party-sign-slogans/.   Come on down and make your feelings […]

  153. Shopper says:

    Is this an Obama-nation?
    Or is this America?

  154. Shopper says:

    Hey, Philadelphia-
    Present the officials with the Sham-Wow you’re “demonstrating”, tell them you’ll use a megaphone, collect your own trash, and carry candles. As for their other fees, tell ’em to go get a bailout!

  155. Jon says:

    A merican
    C ommunists
    O rganizing
    R ight
    N ow

    ACORN(s) are Nuts

  156. HORACE says:









  157. NeVet says:

    O bviously

    B owed

    A nd

    M ocked

    A merica!!

  158. ttg says:

    More sign ideas:


    You can keep the ‘change’,


    Man can not live on CHANGE alone…
    but by every dollar from his paycheck!

    Wait a minute –


  159. Rambler says:

    For those who don’t know or follow the Supreme Court cases, this one was buried;
    The National Economic Security and Reformation Act was passed by the US Congress in year 2000 to implement necessary reforms.
    In 1993, the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled seven to two that “The Federal Reserve Banking System was unconstitutional, and that the U.S. has been operating outside the Constitution since 1933, that major reformations of government and our banking system are Required, and that financial redress and remedies MUST be provided for financial losses due to bank FRAUD suffered by generations of Americans.
    Because of the extraordinary nature of the necessary reformations, the court SEALED all court records and put all people directly involved under Non-Disclosure agreements (gag orders) until the reformations are publicly and officially announced. They also ruled that income taxes had to be abolished in the reformation.
    Constitutional Law experts working on government reformations determined that to end the pattern of blatant disregard for the Constitution, it would be necessary to require the sitting U.S. administration and the U.S. Congress to resign when Constitutional Law is restored.
    In March of 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy Seals to only members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S House of Representatives who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. (National Economic Security And Reformation Act) The members were immediately accompanied by the Delta Force and Navy Seals to their respective voting chambers, where they passed the NESARA.
    The Act provides the following, which is to take place immediately after the official announcement of NESARA, that is to be televised live from Washington, D.C.;
    The National Economic Security Act
    1. Restores Constitutional Law in America as of NESARA’s public announcement.
    2. Removes US Administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions. The President, Vice President, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress are immediately removed from office by NESARA’s public announcement. These removals allow a fresh start at the national level. Using the Constitution Line of Succession, NERASA installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new federal elections can take place within six months after NESARA announcement.
    3. Because NERASA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency, NESARA public announcement declares “peace”. All U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan are immediately recalled to the U.S.A.
    4. As partial remedy for 90 years of government and banking fraud, NESARA requires zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief be given to Americans.
    5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new US Treasury currency backed by gold. The Federal Reserve is abolished; Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the US Treasury Bank System.
    6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

    Will ANY President or the powers that are entrenched in Washington EVER let this information out in the light of day for all Americans to see? Not a chance!!

  160. […] speakers will be announced as April 15 approaches. If you want to bring your own signs, here are over 175 great suggestions for […]

  161. Republican says:

    O ne
    B ad
    A ss
    M istake
    A merica

  162. Republican says:

    Joe The Plumber for President! Anything is better than Obama!

  163. Willie says:

    Here’s my 2 cents (or the original tax on tea):

    My Piggy Bank is not Your Pork Barrel

    Free Hinkley!

    T yranny
    E limination
    A rmy

    Secede from the Union

    Make Obama’s birth hospital a national landmark
    It’s in Hawaii isn’t it?

  164. JOHN says:



    -I|ndependence R|aping S|ervice

  165. JOHN says:



  166. JOHN says:


  167. MaryBB says:

    Other sign ideas:

    Live Free or Die

    Where is John Galt

  168. lsia says:

    NO “BOW”MA….How low will he go??????

  169. Donna M. Pearson says:

    Stop Government controlled Healthcare!!

  170. NeVet says:

    If you show me your birth certificate, I’ll show you mine!!

  171. David says:

    How about a simple:

    “Stop, Thief!”

  172. Clif says:

    -National Healthcare will make seeing your doctor as easy as renewing your drivers license. You will be notified by mail of the time and place you must appear in a room with a capacity limit of 200 with 500 others, most of whom do not speak English and the majority of remainder list “Detention Center” as their permanent address.

    If that won’t fit on you sign, use Donna’s abridged version above. 🙂

  173. Clif says:

    “your sign” I mean.

  174. Clif says:

    Socialism – your tax dollars at work … for those who won’t.

  175. Jackieloe says:

    The only thing to big to fail in this country is the US government!

  176. Patriot Act says:

    It looks like all of your slogans from above have been entered into my new website for sharing tea party slogans. (Please don’t enter them again.) Take a look:


    If you think this site is useful, add some catchy *new* slogans and please spread the word!

  177. John says:

    A merican who
    S upports
    S ocialism

  178. Campbell says:

    How about:


  179. sherri says:

    how about this for sign

  180. jnet says:

    How about:


    SOCIALISM by any other name still STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. D.C. Gay Tax Day Tea Party – The National Stage
    We will be beginning at Lafayette Plaza at 11 a.m. with the “Grassroots” stage and 12 p.m. at the U.S. Treasury Department for the National Stage.

    Lafayette Plaza- Grassroots Stage – 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    Speakers, music, open microphone for public to voice their concerns

    U.S. Treasury – Tax Day Tea Party National Stage – 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.
    National Stage on Fiscal Irresponsibility

  182. Greg says:

    Please add:


  183. Lisa Spear says:

    Good slogans. May I add:
    Down with Tyranny! Up with Liberty!
    Do the Math “1984” + 4.5 Trillion = Collectivism
    Jefferson is Spinning in His Grave!

  184. headpitchfork says:

    How about,
    This country needs more tea and less kool-aid

  185. Susan says:

    We have not had a true free market. If we had had a real free market, then people would not be putting their money in things where they have no business putting their money.

    The Democrats and Republicans are now the Demopublicans (or the Republicrats). There is only one party, and that is the Incumbent party.

    The financial flim-flam from Wall Street started many decades ago. I could point a finger at every single president along the way, but I’ll settle for the last three. Clinton signed legislation exempting Credit Default Swaps (toxic derivatives) from regulation. Dubya prevented the states from cracking down on toxic mortgage lending practices because by golly he wanted EVERYBODY to own a home. Now Obama acts like the way to cure alcoholism (excessive debt problems) is with more alcohol (more debt).

    Obama got $1 million from Goldman Sachs in the presidential campaign. Hillary got about $400K. McCain (McSame) got close to a quarter million. I don’t have the figures from the 2004 campaign, but they are all crooked, and they all stink.

    All three branches of government need to be constrained back within the limits of the Constitution. All three branches of government have been overstepping their authority and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for letting these crooks get away with the economic murder of our country.


  186. Myno says:

    Taxing the Rich
    will make us all poor!

  187. jnet says:

    B.O. STINKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Michelle says:

    How about “Throw the rascals out!!”

  189. Stephanie Buchanan says:

    I live in Washington State and will be protesting on the capital steps in Olympia.

    One of our signs will read, “HEY NORM, READ THE BILL NEXT TIME!” (For Norm Dicks)

    My personal favorite though is one we made with a pre-printed FOR SALE sign and we wrote the following text on in the blank spot below it that reads: AMERICAN LIBERTY Call: 202-456-1414

  190. kris says:

    to quote Ronald Reagan:

    Government is NOT the answer to the Problem,
    Government IS the problem

    What part of “we the people” don’t you understand?

  191. […] Be sure to bring an American flag and maybe even a sign.  Get ideas here. […]

  192. kris says:

    ‘Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.’- Ronald Reagan

  193. Julie says:

    How about:

    It’s The CONSTITUTION Stupid!
    It’s Being Trashed!


    Exodus: “Let Our People Go”
    (And get out of the way!)

  194. Julie says:

    If people were just aware that that Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution were enforced then all laws, Executive Orders, etc. signed by the present administration would be null and void.

    MSM is censoring the truth…let’s get the word out. The Resident has spent about $1 million hiring various law firms to keep information sealed. Below is a link to a 3-fold flyer you can download (print front and back) and hand out at tea parties. The truth WILL set us free.

    Click to access TeaPartyFlyer.pdf

  195. bob says:

    Sign Slogan:


  196. Julie says:

    Another sign idea:

    Oh..now I see..Change means Fascism!

  197. Julie says:

    Also, an American flag worn or draped upside down is a patriotic statement that the country is in crisis.

  198. Audrey says:

    Here’s one….



    Teabag Socialist, Socialism, congress, etc..

  199. Gina Becker says:

    Stop the EXTORTION
    the CRA welfare mortgage scam
    the Cover Up
    the Bailouts
    the Takeovers
    the Government-Business “Partnerships”
    the “Stimulus” with Strings Attached
    Stop the POWER GRAB
    Stop the Democrats

  200. Tua says:

    From LawsOFF.com, they have two:

    1.) Universal Healthcare. KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY.

    2.) The Constitution says government should PROMOTE the general welfare, NOT PROVIDE.

  201. Janee says:

    “If You Voted YES on SPENDING
    Consider This Your GOING AWAY PARTY !”

  202. Daniel says:

    Obama … Commander and Thief

    I am not a republican or a Democrat I am a PATRIOT

  203. Daniel says:

    how can the government manage our health when they can not even manage our budget do you really want congress to tell you which hospital you need to go to?

  204. Jessica says:

    We’re told we MUST make sacrifices….. when is Congress going to start?

  205. Tyler says:

    The government needs to put on their grown up panties, and show some fiscal responsibility.

  206. Colleen says:

    1.) I do not apologize for being an American.
    2.) If you have time to read this sign, try reading some legislation
    3.) RIP: Freedom 1776-2009
    4.) My unborn children have more debt than I do!
    5.) I still believe in the land of the free!
    6.) Too much spending + more spending = CRISIS
    7.) AMERICA: Punish success and reward criminals?
    8.) AMERICA: Land of the not-so-free
    9.) Irresponsibility = Reward?

  207. Stephen says:

    Great slogans! Here’s three more:

    1) Keep your KoolAid-I DRINK TEA!

    2) Its not FASCISM when LIBERALS do it!

    3) Welcome back CARTER!

    See ya April 15th! God Bless America!

  208. Joyce says:

    Since when did serving the public become a career with retirement benefits?

    Politicians should be paid by popular vote.

    The longer they stay, the less they remember about us!
    Term limits for our employees in Congress.

    Ever read the Constitution?

    Left? Right? I’ll settle for BRIGHT!

  209. Nancy says:

    Forgot To Pay Taxes?
    Democrat – A Mistake
    Republican – A Scandal
    You – Jailtime

  210. Tina says:

    Note to Congress…Read the Constitution!

  211. Dave says:

    Vote NO! on Directive 10-289.

  212. david says:

    How about this:

    Future dollars:

    Picture of toilet paper roll with dollar signs on each piece.

  213. david says:

    everyone remember, the deficit is not 11 trillion, it is 56 trillion including unfunded social security and medicare promises, and throw in another 1 trillion of unfunded state employee pensions. I’m making preparations to immigrate to canada because this scares me so much. I hate to admit that as an american, but i can’t think of anything else to do.

  214. Dave says:

    Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: $400 Billion
    T.A.R.P.: $700 Billion
    Stimulus Act: $1.1 Trillion

    Voting The Bums Out: Priceless!

  215. Ben says:

    For those like Daniel who think big government is the answer to everything, let’s start a fund to pay for, if they’ll take it, one-way tickets to CUBA. They can live their for several years & report back how wonderful it is. This would probably save taxpayers like me a lot. Next, If I’m not mistaken, the tax rate in 1776 was approximately 3%. What would our founding fathers say now that with all taxes included, the average MIDDLE CLASS person pays almost 50%? Finally, if I spend too much 1 year, but don’t get a raise, I have to cut back, I can’t demand a raise from my employer to meet my wants. Only local, state, federal government agencies are able to do this. It’s time for 2 things: the freeloading welfare bums in this country either work or starve, & GOVERNMENT GETS BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION.

  216. Stephanie says:

    Another place with a failed stimulous plan was Toronto in the 1980’s. They have created massive deficits there.

    ((Ben)) Have we started a “Save the liberals from themselves” fund? I’ll throw in a buck to send Daniel to Cuba if you will! :D)

  217. winn says:

    the CONSTITUTION in its original form

  218. winn says:

    economics for dummies and congress “spend less than you earn”.

  219. P. Brown says:


  220. Adam says:

    How ’bout this one I thought up for my kids to write on their t-shirts on tea party day?


  221. Myno says:

    Fascism is a Progressive Disease

  222. Thanks for ALL the posts guys.

    We NOW have 223 in the list!


  223. Julie says:

    How about:

    Exodus: LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

    And Get Out of The Way!

  224. BDO says:

    Awesome job! I like the enthusiasm. However, I am of the belief that politicians DO represent America. Have you seen our consumer debt load? $14 trillion? Much more than our national deficit. Since we, as consumers, can’t balance our own budgets or save for the future or stop spending, how can we expect our representatives to do that? Once we learn to balance our budgets, I am sure we will start electing representatives to do the same.

  225. BDO. You made some good points. But, alas, now that we’ve taken a quantum leap toward socialism, we, the people, may never again have a good opportunity to balance our budgets … in the sense that you mean.

  226. Hey guys … i was just looking at the web log and noticed that 435 people viewed this article in the last hour!!! WOW.

    Then … i discovered that a portion of these actually came from DailyKOS … what? … YES.

    The Teabaggers Are Revolting

    It appears they’re encouraging infiltraters to use THESE slogans in developing their own as hecklers in OUR protest!!!

  227. Laura says:

    Lots of great slogans.

    Is “Don’t Pork Me Bro!” too off color? It says so much…

  228. Robert DeBeaux says:

    Here are the two slogans on my sign:


    He is eligible for IMPEACHMENT

  229. pam says:

    i am painting protest signs tonight and thought of this;


  230. Electoral Mishap says:

    Democrats Against Government Waste

  231. DeniseVB says:

    pam ! Can I steal it? 🙂

  232. DeniseVB says:




  233. Exactly what kind of idiot would make up and hold a sign like, “220 Years to Build the Republic, 3 Months to Destroy It” ????

    What?? This is all Bo’s fault??? Seems to me when that first bailout bill passed it was signed by Bush, and Mcain voted for it too in the Senate. So did my “conservative” Republican Congresscritter. (who was even worse as he flipped-flopped and voted for it after he voted against it)

    Seriously is there a human being alive that is possible that dumb to not see that Bush=Obamba=McCain=Bush. In other words, there ain’t an inflated dime’s worth of difference between them. Republicans ***AND*** Democrats are equally responsible for this mess and Republicans are probably more to blame, as the D’s are at least honest and say they are for big Government!

  234. […] you go to this blog post you can find a list of 101 tea party slogan and sign ideas (one I didn’t see: ‘USSA, No […]

  235. Bobby says:

    how about

    spay and neuter the people who didnt read the bill

  236. Pat says:

    PLEASE! Don’t choke my grandkids with your pork! DAMMIT!

  237. So, all the comments mentioning impeaching Obama and congress, um, on what means?

  238. Ken says:

    How about this slogan:
    Obama’s idea of change will leave us nothing but pocket ¢hange!

  239. […] plaza that doesn’t start til after i get out of work.  perfect.  i found this guy’s BLOG with a huge list of slogans to use as protest signs against taxes and bailouts.  funny […]

  240. Rich says:

    Impeach Convict Deport

    Liberalism is the Opiate of the Asses

  241. […] Posted by Host on April 13, 2009 If you are looking for some great slogans for your sign … check this out. […]

  242. Springy says:

    No one “COMMUNITY ORGANIZED” me to attend this protest!

  243. Rebekah A. Chauhan says:

    Hi Luke: I have been using your information on making “Tea party” signs and sending it out to people. Thanks for the information! Molon Labe!

  244. Ben says:

    Bush & the RINOs (Republican In Name Only) caved with the idea of compromising with the Democrat/Communists on some of the last spending bills. It backfired. Has anyone noticed that Obama’s idea of working with the Republicans is “I won, you lost, we do it my way”. Where is the media in condemming Obama’s totally partisan way of doing things?
    By the way, has everyone forgotten that Obama’s party has been in charge in Washington DC for the last 2 years? How come this is all Bush’s fault?
    IS AN



  245. Ben says:

    I challenge all those who voted for Obama & his friends to not only send any tax refunds you might be getting back back to the government, but to send in an extra 50%. You obviously believe that government knows better than you on how to spend YOUR money; lead by example. With the exception of the military, for the most part, money sent in for taxes is wasted money.

  246. Dominique says:

    This is what I will be putting on my sign –


  247. Jennifer says:

    My family attended the Greenville, SC Tea Party and my signs read: “Bailout: Because Screw the Taxpayer isn’t Politically Correct” and “Save the Tea! Dump the Politicians!”
    My son made a sign that read “I’m only six and already in debt”

  248. R L Welsch says:

    F. Freedom
    F. Feeds
    A. America

    2nd Ammendment should be first!

    Right to LIFE!
    Right to murder?

  249. MELANIE says:




  250. Marjorie Peters says:

    Two suggestions:

    Capitalism works! Government doesn’t!

    Capitalism–the perfect system that has never been tried

  251. Susie says:


  252. Stacey says:

    How about “Our Founding Fathers Must Be Rolling In Their Graves!!!”

  253. Them Dem. Libs.

    They’re At It Again!

    – PoetPatriot.com

  254. TAXES

  255. ——-HOW MUCH——-
    —–IS TOO MUCH?—–


    IS NOT A
















  260. Ginny says:

    How about this one:

    To be held by a toddler:

    I read as much of the stimulus bill as my congressman before he signed it.

  261. Penny says:

    I will be going to the tea party tommorow night in Fort Myers, Fl. My sign will read..Before you Order Pork, Read the Menu, My Grandchildren is picking up the tab.. Hope this isn’t to long it is my first tea party

  262. Dennis Johnson - CC says:


  263. awakened1 says:

    how about this one to be held by a child:

    Didn’t your parents teach you NOT to spend OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY????

    Mine did!

  264. Felicia says:

    Let me add a suggestion: Simply take the Boston Tea Party picture and somehow blow it up and on the picket sign put: Remember our Forefathers. That says it all.

  265. Bret says:

    Here’s what mine will say:

    I can’t afford any more CHANGE!


    My 2 year old Son will hold this:


  266. Patsy Garzik says:

    Under the rule of law:


  267. NeVet says:

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You are a Veteran

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You go to church

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You encourage your kids to attend Sunday school/church

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You believe in the Constitution

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You believe in God

    You might be a right

  268. NeVet says:


    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You attend a tea party

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You you are pro-life

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You are against big government.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: you believe in fair tax.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: you support sovereignty for states.

  269. Trouble says:





  270. NeVet says:

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You don’t believe in “changey-hopey”

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You think pork is only something you eat.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: don’t support socialism.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: you’re a conservative.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: exercise your right to free speech.

    You might be a right-wing exremist if: You recite The Pledge of Alligiance.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You own a gun.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You support the 2nd Amendment.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You watch Fox.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You listen to Rush; Hannity; Beck or O’Reilly.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You believe tax cheats belong in jail.

    You might be a right-wing extremist if: You visit conservative blogs.

  271. Ring says:

    Please add mine:



  272. WorldFamousFudgy says:

    Thanks for publishing the list of slogans! I will be taking them with me to our sign-making party!

  273. Sandra says:

    My sign will say: “Hey, DHS: I won’t be SILENCED by your THREATS”

  274. Gerald B. says:

    Congress Should Retire Now
    Social Security

  275. Lucky9teen says:

    This is one of the things I’m putting on my sign:

  276. Dominique says:

    All this comments w/everyone’s slogans does the heart good! Isn’t America awesome!

  277. Iris says:

    Next time let’s actually elect an American!

  278. just a passerby says:

    Here’s my protest sign (YouTube video of the sign)

  279. politicallyobvious says:

    I came out of my bunker for this?

  280. […] ….and don’t forget your sign ! Hundreds of slogans here. […]

  281. […] Be sure to bring an American flag and maybe even a sign.  Get ideas here. […]

  282. Jake says:

    Agh, Obama is not a socialist, can’t you people get that into your thick skulls! He’s just an American (yeah, I’m looking at you, Iris!) who happens to be a liberal thinking person! America will do fine under Obama, and will continue to do fine after Obama.

  283. Jane Rivers says:

    Great site. I just have a small blog, and the hits to the Tea Party links are amazing. The locals are hopping mad and have done all they can to discredit the movement.

    I never realized the First Amendment was so offensive.

    Good job!


    We just want out country back….

  284. NOLAJen says:

    POOR JAKE-another brainwashed moron…….go back to your fridge and get some more Kool-Aid, your glass is empty….

  285. How is Jake drinking the Kool-aid NOLAJen? The true Kool-aid thinkers are the ones who believe Bush was great, and BO is the problem. I’ve can’t believe how many of the suggested signs on here express that sentiment. If you can’t say that Bush sucks, and McCain sucks, and that 90% of the Republicans in congress suck, with the same passion that you can say that about BO, you should not be going to a a tea party as you just do not get it. It is this “one party” that is in power that is the problem, not BO or the D’s.

  286. Let’s separate the real kool-aid drinkers here. How many of you would refuse to carry a sign like this as you can’t stand the truth. And that truth is that BO=Bush=BO Same old same old. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49134742@N00/3441639425/
    Ya gotta know that you’re part of the problem if you blindly support Republicans (with some minor exceptions such as Ron Paul, just as their are some minor exceptions with the D’s)

  287. Dan says:

    See you all in Oceanside, CA tomorrow. Here are a few of my sign ideas…

    Obama Lied – No Pork Died!

    The Pirates in Washington Are Worse!

    Pelosi, Reid, Frank & Dodd – The True Axis of Evil

    This Veteran and Former Taxpayer is Moving to Panama (that’s my personal sign)

    Blame Barney, Not Bush!

  288. Diane says:

    It’s nice to see conservatives attempting to demonstrate! We Democrats got tired of demonstrating for stuff and having you guys stand around calling us socialist pigs 🙂 We dont’ need videos to instruct us how to make the signs though. That’s pretty elementary stuff for those of you who went to school before No Child Left Behind. LMAO!!!!!!!! Where were you guys when we were demonstrating against taxes like…25 years ago? Sheesh. At this rate of comprehension, the Republicans ought to have a woman president in about another 100 years. *snicker* Well anyway, I applaud your effort, and hope that this is a new trend that continues with Republicans. Usually you all just pay people to get what you want so it’s great you’re copying the tactics that have worked for liberals for years. Finally *snicker again*

  289. DaveTheFanatic says:

    Q: How can you tell if someone is going to take part in a tea party?

    A: They failed seventh grade math or civics class.

    IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!

  290. Iris says:


    If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck……. it might well be a Socialist errrrrr I mean duck….

    Do you know I have everyone of my father’s old passports… I could prove his American citizenship just by showing any one of those from clear back in the early 60s….

    Can the O man show me is AMERICAN passport for his 1981 trip to Kenya?

  291. Cathy Kazzi says:

    POOP – Prisioner Of Obama’s Policies

  292. So Cathy Kazzi, Are you saying BO’s policies are worse then Bush’s? If you don’t see they are the same, you’re no better then the blind BO supporters. They both suck, and bashing just BO misses the point a billion percent.

  293. Iris, while that’s an interesting point, I’d be more concerned with bigger issues. I once asked my congressman why Congress passed a Constitutional Amendment to ban alcohol, yet banned Marijuana just with a law. His answer was far more indicative of the problem we face in this country then worrying just about side-show distractions like BO birth certificate.

  294. Callie says:

    1 word: AWESOME!

  295. Dan says:

    Hey Rich, roll another one and leave us alone.

  296. Iris says:

    Actually, constitutionally (remember that old thing) BO’s birth certificate would be incredibly more than just a distraction…. Especially with Granny remembering watching her grandson born (I am not talking about the American Granny).

    That’s kind of water of the dam these days, that’s why I said NEXT TIME…

    But more interesting than your pathetic plea for smoking legalized dope, (man can you imagine the taxes to be made on pot??) Is the idea MY CONGRESSMAN can be quoted as saying “no one has had time to read the bill, we just have to CROSS OUR FINGERS and vote!!!”

  297. toddlohenry says:

    You must be slaying the traffic right now. Nice post!…

  298. […] BTW, that first wave of Tea Party Protests was barely covered by the MSM. This tax day concerted effort across the entire nation will get the attention of the media and our ‘non-representing representatives’ in DC. And, it is important to note that the press (print, Web, and television) tend to focus on the signs.” Source: 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans « LukeAmerica2020 […]

  299. Laizefare says:



    I’ve been reading Mark Levin’s book, “Liberty and Tyranny” and agree that these guys in Washington and the state capitals should be called Statists, because they will do anything to increase the power of the state. Their goal is to put themselves, the elite, in charge of your life.

    Where is John Galt?

  300. Cheryl says:

    I posted pics of mine at my web site.

  301. DaveTheFanatic says:

    Let me get this straight.
    You’re protesting your upcoming tax cuts?
    How many of you people are in the top 3% income levels?
    How many of you people are even in the top 10% income levels?

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that the failing public
    schools are the major source of right wing support. If you people
    would stop and think for yourselves and tune out the lying right wing
    propaganda, perhaps things WOULD get better.

    You people really … REALLY need to get a clue.

  302. Capt Squid says:

    Taxation without representation is tyranny…
    Taxation WITH representation ain’t so hot, either.

  303. drinkin' tea says:

    How ’bout this one? The shortest book in the library:
    My Beauty Secrets
    by Nancy Pelosi

  304. Cheryl says:

    Boy someone hasn’t a CLUE.

  305. Cary Hargrove says:

    The British system is coming… The British system is coming…

  306. DaveTheFanatic says:

    More flotsam and jetsam from the knuckle-dragging right wing.

    The path that you’re advocating is the same one that President
    Hoover followed. The conservative agenda of the time made the
    Depression of the early 30’s into the GREAT DEPRESSION.

    You people are not part of the solution. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.
    Grow up, get an education, open your minds to something
    besides the boomerang rhetoric of the other morons that
    already think the same as you do.

    The government offers a tax cut to 90-95% of all wage earners
    and you mental midgets (who apparently don’t know the meaning
    of the term “tea bagging”) decide to protest the tax cuts that will
    put more money in your pocket and should, in concert with other
    efforts, make this economic downturn lasts years instead of decades.

  307. Brutarius says:

    To Rich Piotrowski:

    Look, I don’t think ANYONE on here is saying they were enamored of Bush. But pointing a finger at Bush doesn’t lessen the fact that Obama has taken Bush’s overspending to what I can only call psychedelic highs. Just because Bush sucked doesn’t mean this doesn’t embody suckitude on an order of magnitude — and it does.

    We’re trying to take a first step here: tell the idiots in Congress that they can’t spend what they don’t have, and that we aren’t going to put up with subsidizing a welfare state that is largely unconstitutional. Can’t you go along with this one little thing, this little first step, without trying to bring up marijuana laws or Bush’s crumby record?

    So, having said that: my sign has a picture of Barry Soetoro with a bandit’s mask on his face. Above and below is the caption:


  308. Hey Dan, for the record I don’t smoke or drink, so your attack is meaningless and stupid. But who exactly is the “us” that I’m supposed to leave alone? Phony Republicans astroturfers like Newt Gingrich that always jump on the small government bandwagon, you know, those guys who want small government as much as BO does? Or those wonderful conservatives that are all for freedom, as long as it is means you are not doing something they, “don’t approve of”?

    Is that the “us” that I should be leaving alone?

  309. Todd Lohenry: for the last several hours this article has been getting 800 to 1100 hits per hour.

    Only CNN and People magazine have had more WordPress hits today.

    There are a LOT of people interested in these Tax Day Tea Parties.

  310. kellyamareta says:

    great article… very inspiring
    this kinda blogwalking or something with love
    nice to know you

  311. Jenny says:

    The socialist people on here are paid to blog and antagonize you. They’ve been paid since the beginning of the primaries in 2007 and are funded through the white house and george soros. In fact, george soros has his people working in the obama administration. these people don’t have anything else to do but blog and try to distract you. Don’t let them.

  312. Brutarius, you are just making light of the problem, and helping to promote the most destructive thinking that there is in american politics, that is the notion of “voting for the lesser of two evils”

    The Republicans are trying to take over what this should be about to say they are brand X and they are better then brand Y, when the truth is, both brands are poisonous! How many signs on here attack just BO? Why, are you saying that we would really be better off with MCCain (now I know a lot of you do think that) well that’s like saying I better off with polio then Cancer! I do not want either.

    Then look at the attacks on here, oh… I’m a pot smoker cause I used my favorite thing to poke Conservative in the eye with, Marijuana. I haven’t even seen a joint in 30 years, and I hang around a lot of pro-legalization people. I think gays should marry too, does that mean I’m gay too? No, it means I respect that people have the right to chose what it right for them, not go by what is right for me. That is freedom, you have to give it to get it and its why so many Conservatives are clueless. BO is the pits, I know that, you know it, but saying he is that much worse then Bush is arguing over shades of gray, they are both the problem and if you were not this upset over Bush, you will never be part of the solution, as in four years, you’ll be out there helping to bring back some brand Y type of big government is the answer politician wearing a R label.

  313. Jenny, what socialist people on here? There was maybe one or two posts out of hundreds that mocked small government thinking. If you’re talking about my posts, you really are lost politically.

  314. Jenny says:

    By the way, I will be at a tea party tomorrow; I’m a Clinton supporter, registered independent. There are thousands of former Democrats attending this event. And thousands of independents coming as well. You will see a lot of PUMAs out there too. Seems like the obama supporters (MSM too) are the minorities. My 3 boys are coming with me and one of their signs will read: I don’t drink the KOOL-AID and I’m not paying for your incompetence!

  315. Jenny says:

    Rich – good tactic you learned from obama blogging training camp. Did the term socialist hurt your feelings that you had to lash out? Are you feeling on the defensive now? Nighty night big boy.

  316. DaveTheFanatic says:

    For all those folks that say that they want to/ must take their country back … where the hell were you when George Bush was flushing our constitution down the toilet and giving away our great country to corporate accountants and CEO’s. If you called for Bush’s impeachment, you can stay in the discussion … if not, your obviously flawed judgement excludes you until you either get more education or better values.

    Have the politicians let us down? Absolutely.
    Are both parties to blame? Sure.

    Are you all aware that the so-called “fair” tax actually INCREASES YOUR TAXES (taxes of middle and lower level wage earners) and DECREASES taxes on the ultra-wealthy that drove us into this economic trench in the first place. I don’t want my taxes going up while Wall Street and other corporate fat cats get more money to send to off-shore tax shelters. Do you? Pay according to your ability to pay. Or better yet, increase taxes back to the Reagan era.

    The right wing wind bags were strangely silent when then their corporate daddies was raping America, the American worker and the American constitution. I could appreciate your anger more if you hadn’t spent the last eight years either supporting or apologizing for Bush/Cheney.

  317. ChicagoismynewBlog says:

    Hey, congrats on the success of your blog. I just started mine recently so hopefully you’ll take a look when you have the chance.


  318. DaveTheFanatic, first, the term tea bagging was used I think by some people you jumped on this who are not internet savvy, If you look at people like me, the Libertarian and the Ron Paul people that started the whole “tea party” thing, you’ll never see us use that. But to be fair, why not mock the “fisting” comments used about BO and Mrs. BO? Should we say that you are too dumb to know what that means as some of his supporters used that?

    As for your Hover comments, I hate to say you’re ignorant, but that’s what I have to say. But there is some truth to what you are saying too, and it blends with my criticism. Hoover’s policies were much like Bush, as were Bo’s like FDR. Hoover did some things wrong and FDR made them worse, which is similar what we are seeing today. Except that this time Bush’s policies and BO are more alike, then Hoovers and FDR.

    Please I’m not just bashing you as I’m not a Republican defender, just out the bash the D’s. Take the time to read up on why both these party’s policies were harmful in the 30’s and why they are harmful today.

  319. DaveTheFanatic says:

    All this silliness by people who (in all probability) going to get a tax cut?

    And what is the proposed tax increase that everyone is protesting?
    3% percentage points to the top 3-5% of wage earners.

    You tax protest sign may as well say, “I want to pay more taxes so my boss and his boss can keep the extra 3% that George Bush gave them.”

  320. Jenny, you might be a nice person, but everyone including me, was ignorant at one time. Your calling me a BO supporter are your attacks are what you read off of other sites as a way to respond to people who do not agree with you. Please take the time to think for yourself. You have nit idea how you are barking up the wrong tree. If you think I’m some BO supporters and really have yourself convinced, that is my name up there, do a donation search on my name, do a google on my name. I’m no anarchist, but I’m about as small a government person as you’ll find.

    Oh yes… I do attack Republicans more often then D’s. As R’s do more harm as they SAY they are for small government, then institute policies that give small government a bad name. That deserves to be attacked. That is why so many people voted for BO, and if you don’t get that… oh well.

  321. Great post Luke! Expect a pingback!

  322. QuakerDave says:

    Here’s one:

    “I have no life, so I’m doing this today.”

    Or this:

    “I’m a dupe for Fox News.”

    Or this:

    “This is your brain on Glenn Beck.”

  323. DaveTheFanatic, do you really believe this protest in its entirety is about that tax increase? If there is any one singular issue, it is the bailouts. Again, I’m forced to agree with you to a small degree, as some Astroturfers are trying to make it about that tax increase, but the true grassroots is focused on the big picture.

  324. Harley says:

    Loves what QuakerDave said,

    Thought I would laugh my rear off.

    My sign would read:

    Fox News Fanataic Who Can Not Think For Myself

  325. Kris says:

    I know this one isn’t Christian but God knows my heart and how I feel…

  326. […] Tea Party Slogans LukeAmerica2020: The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 2000 Tax Day […]

  327. Brutarius says:


    You must be paid, and probably paid too much, because your arguments are rambling and incoherent.

    I said that, for now, it’s about one damn thing: stop the spending spree. You start talking about smoking pot, or not smoking pot, or whatever…

    I don’t give a shit if you if you smoke a joint, as long as you’re not in a car careening toward me while you’re listening to Radiohead. All I care about, at this point in time, is stopping this insane rollercoaster ride toward socialism.

    I aint’ saying anymore. I’m sure the same statement can’t be said of you.

  328. Faithful says:

    Thanks for adding Be Not Deceived to your forum list:)


  329. […] Some of my favorites from the “101 Tea Party Sign Slogans”: […]

  330. Brutarius, I was using marijuana as an example and you turned it personal and then continued with a sleazy personal attack, perhaps I should do the same to you… oooh look at me, I use a cool name Brutarius and how cool am I, I can say how you listen to radiohead.

    It sad really, how you resort to making it personal, are you not up to the mental challenge of thinking for yourself? Or is doing something other then parroting whatever Neo-con you worship something you are just not able to do? Perhaps you just can not dare to try to understand the danger of a Government that just bans things on a whim or based on what the mob wants. Just because what is being banned it is not something you care about you seem to think its ok. Yet I suspect you’ll be a hypocrite get outraged when that mob tries to bans guns, or something else near and dear to you.

    It is like free speech, the Constitutional restrictions are there to protect UNPOPULAR speech, popular speech needs no protection. The same government that can just ban pot by fiat, can ban guns, books or anything else. That is what you do not get.

    I suspect that thinking about these issues doesn’t jive with what the neo-cons feed you though. They tell you about morality, as if that if anything the government should ever be involved with. No thanks, I don”t need BO telling me what’s moral, nor do I need it from your hero Newt or Hannity.

    As for the tea party which this list is about, why get outraged at government spending, when you should be outraged about government control. Why is your wallet more important then your mind? That is my core problem with Conservatives, Government control is a-OK with you just as long as they don’t tax you too much!

    You want only “some freedom” and to me that is why you are part of the problem. I, OTOH, want total freedom. Don’t tax me, but also don’t tell me what I can or can’t do with that money once I earn it. Its no ones business if I want to buy an gun or a book with my money. As long as I’m not using force or fraud, government should stay the hell out of my life.

    Oh yeah, as for Radiohead, I do know its a band, but that is as far as I know, being I’m a 50 year old that is not that much into music.

  331. Tyler says:

    They promised to cut the pork, but it smells like they cut the cheese!

  332. Mimi says:

    Start pointing at a big culprit–$oro$.
    Read the news–convicted in Hungary-France-England-Malaysia–how many others?

  333. Dave says:

    Unite the future.
    No more SILENT majority.

  334. Dwight Simpson says:

    Additions to Your Slogans…..

    We Spend…. Our Children Pay
    Where is the transparency?
    Next time, READ the bill before you sign it.
    Haste, Waste, & Fear IS NOT an economic plan
    How Many Zeroes in $12.6 Trillion Debt?

  335. Bob Zap says:

    USSA – United Socialist States of America

    Toss the pirates in D.C. overboard

  336. STPfuzzDemon says:

    My favorite comments so far are: The guy who referred to Obama taking Bush’s spending habit to what could only be called ‘psychedelic’ highs…And another complaining about President Pelosi and her mouthpiece Obama. Shame on all of the Hillary supporters, especailly those in Michigan & Florida, for caving in and voting for this teleprompter reading phony. B.O. needs to a) stop apologizing to the Euro-Peons and b) stop bowing to Ahab the Arab. As an Independent I can tell you in this day and age I can have disagreements with conservatives and they don’t have a knee-jerk reaction that I must be a commie. So-called ‘liberals’ do automatically assume you’re a right-wing neo con if you don’t go along with even the most radical leftist viewpoints. Democrats are now actually MORE closed-minded, tuned in one key; Don’t believe me? Try watching MSNBC sometime. They’ve gone from defending Carter to defending Castro!

  337. i’d rather get screwed by yo mama than obama!

  338. Ben says:

    Hey Rich, government spending is already way out of control. All this federal social welfare spending from Social Security to the Prescription Drug Plan which Bush should never have signed are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You talk about free speach; perhaps should talk with Obama first. With the latest statements from his cabinet, he has declared that anyone who disagrees with his policies is a national security threat. He is proving on a daily basis that the goal of he & his party is to turn this country into a 3rd world COMMUNIST nation with NO PERSONAL FREEDOM & only a few wealthy rulers comprised of those who worship at his feet. Cuba & Venezuela are not far away; I am sure they would welcome you & those like you who believe in communism so strongly. To everybodyelse like me who is now a national security threat because I believe in our CONSTITUTION, remember this: A GOVERNMENT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED, IS ALSO POWERFUL ENOUGH TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!!

  339. Eddie says:

    I love to pay my taxes…
    The way our Secretary of the Treasury does

    DDD Democrats Dump Dodd

    I don’t dislike Barney Frank because he’s gay,
    I hate him because he’s an idiot

  340. Ben says:

    Hey Rich, I take it back, YOU ARE NOT A COMMUNIST, just extremely confused. You want big government spending without government control of your private life. Those 2 ideas are not compatable. Secondly, the so-called controlling laws you acuse conservatives of supporting are basic laws of decency. The problem with many modern liberals is there is nothing decent about the abhorent behavior they condone. There is a big difference between what is wrong & right, it is not all a gray area as many would have us believe.

  341. Scott Fait says:

    get criminals

  342. Scott Faith says:

    TEA off on D.C.!

  343. Jerry says:

    How about this one…


  344. Scott Faith says:

    Don’t bankrupt our children’s future!

  345. adam says:

    Another sign idea
    “Socialism smells alot like BO”

  346. Ben, seriously, how on earth do you think I want big government spending? Let me try to be clear if what I have said has not been clear. I am a libertarian, I probably want smaller government then just about anyone that has posted here. What I have criticized, and what got me started with my first comment was, how “Conservatives” are going after BO like he is suddenly spending big, and Bush was not. I have repeatedly said if you do not get that the problem is BOTH the D’s and the R’s you are not getting it.

    Geezz… you guys are so hell bent in wanting to believe that only the Dems are the problem, that you can’t comprehend my simple comments. Look at the coment above mine by Adam, “Socialism smells alot like BO” What that implies was that it is ONLY BO that is the prblem. Adam, BO is no more of a Socialist then Bush was. (ut oh, you guys with limited abilities to think, will think I’m defending BO now! lol) But seriously, if you do not see that they are the same, you are not getting it.

    And BTW, BO and Bush are actually closer to being Fascist, more so then Socialist. Yes, BOTH of them, not just BO.

  347. timmy says:

    Hard working Americans have to Protest after work!!

  348. adam says:

    On the Socialist scale of 1 to 10 Bush is a 2 or 3 and BO is a 8 or 9. Furthermore, BO has been in office less than 3 months whereas Bush was in office 8 years. Am I defending Bush? NO. Each and every president has chipped away at our freedom in one way or another. What you really have to take into account, is to what degree. Let’s unite together and deal with the biggest threats first, and then work our way down the list.

  349. Tyrone Steele says:


    We’re fired up.
    You’re just fired.

  350. rainbowseeker says:

    Another slogan for a sign:


  351. LOEY says:


  352. LOEY says:


  353. Dee says:

    Dude where’s my Republic?




  355. […] just in case you do not have your tea party slogan picked out yet, LukeAmerica2020 is offering 223 slogans to choose from.  I think I’ll stick with Don’t Tread on […]

  356. EJ Smith says:

    I’ll have a couple signs:

    “Cut government spending;


    “Economics for dummies and Congress, but
    I repeat myself…
    Spend LESS than you earn!”

  357. Adam, by doing that you are falling into the lesser of two evils trap, that way the R’s will get you to vote for Bush 12.0 when they run him in 2012. Maybe his name will be Mccain, oh no, he was the model Bush 8.0

    Seriously how is BO that much worse then Bush. Please don’t hit me with Hannity style rhetoric. Give me specifics. Bush was for illegal wiretaps, spent like no one has ever spent before, passed the horendous PATIOT Act, created the DHS, passed the No clind left behind and I could go on for an hour. What has BO done? Said he’s going to continue Bush’s bad policies plus add a few more of his own?

    Again, as I pointed out with an analogy earlier, its like your trying hard to defend polio, saying it sooooo much better to get that then Cancer. Saying you’re for polio is stupid isn’t it? Why not say your for being healthy instead and you do not want either? That’s what I say!

    Going after one over the other is a distraction and a tool of the Republicans to convince you they are better. The D’s of course use the same tool too, look how BO went after the anti-war vote, when he has no intention of making real changes to our war policy. Both suck and that is what you need to get.

  358. noelle333 says:

    Hey Rich I see you are still at it. How much is moveon.org paying you? Or have your parents left for work today and left you all alone to blog? Either way, come down to one of the tea parties near you and learn more — wisdom comes from being objective and opening yourself to new ideas. You are very one sided and so very defensive.

  359. noelle333 says:

    a new sign for my son: WHEN I GROW UP CAN I EVADE MY TAXES AND BE A TREASURY SEC TOO???!!!

  360. noelle333 says:

    “We need to simplify a monstrous tax code that is far too complicated for most Americans to understand, but just complicated enough for the insiders who know how to game the system,” Obama said.


    He added: “It will take time to undo the damage of years of carve-outs and loopholes. But I want every American to know that we will rewrite the tax code so that it puts your interests over any special interest. And we will make it quicker, easier, and less expensive for you to file a return, so that April 15 is not a date that is approached with dread each year.”


  361. meflyer says:

    It’s Our Party and We’ll Protest(Cry) If We Want To

    Taxation Without Intelligent Representation

    We Are Over Stimulated

    Going Gault

    Tea For Two? No – Tea For Trillions

  362. george williams says:


  363. Shelly Quinn says:

    Didn’t bother to read the bill?
    Say good-bye to Capitol Hill!!!

    No More “R”
    No More “D”
    Time for a NEW PARTY!!!!

  364. LOEY says:


  365. noelle333, are you as ignorant as your post sounds? Do you even read what I wrote? Or is it that I just do not support Republican is it that your simple mind can only compute that I must support the D’s?

    I mean does your mind say,
    “person ‘A’ said he likes Chocolate”
    “person ‘B’ said one person he knows who likes the color blue likes chocolate”
    “Person ‘A’ must like the color blue”

    I serious, is that how your mind thinks?

  366. Shelly Quinn, there is already another choice, check out http://www.lp.org or support people like Ron Paul when they run if you just can’t get yourself to vote for one of the major parties. The key thin is, under no circumstance ever vote for someone bad just because they are the lesser of two evils.

  367. Here’s a great post from an appearance on MSNBC that talks about what these tea parties are really all about:


  368. Here’s another great use of the tea party protests. Get these existing Congresscritters to co-sponsor HR1207

    Almost 60 Congressmen have co-sponsored this, which is still opposed by the R and D establishment.

  369. jenny says:

    Welcome to the USSA formerly known as the land of the free, home of the brave!

  370. Allen Stark says:

    If you are truly a student of the Bible and haven’t been living with your head in the sand, then you should known this is no surprise. Oh, and BTW, if the Christian Right had been voting their conscious and not their pocketbooks, Obama would never have won!

  371. STPfuzzDemon says:

    Hey everybody, this Rich Piotrowski character is really Keith Olbermann using an alias!

  372. Ben says:

    Rich, Changed my party affiliation to Indepedent after the last election. The problem with the current Republican party is that for the most part the last few years they have been a bunch of gutless cowards when it came to standing up against the liberals on matters of fiscal responsibility & standing together when one of their own was under fire until proven guilty. The minute there is a hint of a scandal, Republicans have a habit of running like scared rabbits before all the facts are even known. This is what cost them in 2006 & 2008, and now the whole country is paying for it.
    Let me be clear, I am a conservative first & only will return, if ever, to the Republican party when they get back to their conservative roots. The DEMS are so far to the left, they’re beyond mortal help.

  373. […] party that may replace the GOP, just as the GOP replaced the fractured and hapless Whigs. 101 tax day slogans. __________________ Veritas Vos […]

  374. Kelli Wyatt says:

    Commander in Chief or Socialistic Thief?

  375. adam says:

    You automatically assume that I am a Bush loving daily listener of Hannity. The President of the United States does not spend the money. It is the Congress. I fault Bush for never vetoing any of the budgets and laws that were written or approved by Congress. I am married, have three children, work for the family business, in addition to a side business. Sent them all through private grade school, pay my taxes etc. etc. Based on my beliefs in the constitution as the law of the land, I am going to a Tea Party in Dayton Ohio, and am fed up with taxes, the Federal bailout(s), etc. etc. I am considered someone to watch out for according to the head of the DHS. It is not a D vs. R issue here. It is more of a Liberal vs. Conservative. I urge you to join a tea party today as well. It is a waste of time to argue over Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter etc.

  376. BDO says:

    Luke, with all due respect, my point is that we are hypocrites as a movement if we expect our representatives to balance the nation’s budgets, when we can’t balance ours. We have a $14 trillion consumer debt problem. If we are not able to balance our budget, save for the future, or stop overspending as consumers, how can we expect our representatives to do any different. If they did, would they be “representing” us?

    Furthermore, it is like a person hating Congress for not enforcing immigration laws then going out and hiring illegals to work in his business. He has no moral right to hate on Congress for not enforcing our border, when he can’t control his own business. I would say he needs to get his business in order, before he starts hating on Congress.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, there is a lot that we can disagree on with Congress. But handling budgets is a lesson we ALL need to master. And until WE, as a movement, master that lesson, there are some that will continue to view us as hypocrites. Because we are still enslaved to our debts and consumerism like the rest of Congress.

  377. adam says:

    You have some good thoughts, but my personal budget is my own business. If I rack up my credit card balances that is my own problem. It is wrong for me, or anyone else to think that you, or Rich, should come to my aid. There is nothing wrong with spending money like a drunkin sailer as that mate is spending his own money. Congress, all of them including the past two presidents, have borrowed against our income, our children and grand children. If steal your wallet, and give it to someone I deem as needy it is still a crime, no matter how worthy. The Constitution clearly states that it is a crime for the elected officials to do it also.

  378. Cori says:

    Big Government: We work hard so they don’t have to.

  379. afrocity says:

    I love your post these are great slogans.
    Black conservative here who will NEVER vote for another democrat again.


  380. Dianna says:


  381. Great list! Thank you for this.

  382. Dennis says:


  383. wow, you’ve given me tons of material to make a slew of tea bagger bumper stickers 🙂

  384. Adam, a couple of things, first I went to one of the tea parties today. You have no idea how long I’ve been an activist, I’ve stood out in front of Post offices up until mindight on many a April 15th handing out “million dollar bills” that the LP used to make up. As for Liberal vs. conservative, I am neither, I am a libertarian. Which mean I believe in liberty. Like you, I do not believe the government should tax you the way “liberals” do, nor do I believe it should control you the way “conservatives” do. To me liberty is a all or nothing proposition, either you are free or you are not, its like being somewhat in love with someone, or somewhat pregnant. But people say that about freedom.

    The bottom line is, Conservative and Liberals do not want freedom, but both say they do, and believe it when they say it. They only want freedom as they define it, and that is the problem. Like I said, to me its all or nothing, and we do not have freedom. Bush would take it away, so would McCain or BO. None of them are interested in giving it to you. What is silly and counter-productive are protest like many of them going on today going after BO. He is just the latest in a long series of bad Presidents, and not much worse then any of them. That is the truth, a truth that Republicans will not admit.

  385. Not for nothing but I always find it funny when I see a post like this:

    “STPfuzzDemon Says:
    April 15, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    Hey everybody, this Rich Piotrowski character is really Keith Olbermann using an alias!”

    Here is someone with no real name and no link to a real website, going after me, someone with a real name, and a link to my real twitter page. I swear you couldn’t make something like this nonsense up if you tried.

  386. Dennis, you get it! The sign I had today said, “two parties = Zero choice” in big print and “Vote Libertarian” in small print (it’s actually a printed campaign sign I had from several years ago)

  387. bramclabby says:

    Ah, hey, has anyone considered that maybe the bailout isn’t an assault on our liberty? Wouldn’t an economic collapse, making most all Americans poorer and giving them less dough to work with, and a crippled market scared senseless of the prospect of risky loans, be more damaging to freedom and America and all such slogal terms than spending tax dollars to slow and most likely prevent the worst effects of said downturn?

  388. […] other words, this blog was on the front page of WordPress and I throughly enjoyed it. Even though I started to get pissed […]

  389. j hutchison says:

    Taxation Without Lubrication

  390. […]  This blog was on the front page of WordPress and I throughly enjoyed it. Even though I started to get pissed off at our gov’t and a lot of what I will be dealing with a few months–or weeks. I think my biggest challenge in DC will be having to put up with a town full of shit head–sorry, I couldn’t think of a better word than that–who only think in a short term actions and ignore long term consequences. […]

  391. bs83 says:

    great blog check out my blog when you get a chance!!!

  392. […] another blog to check out. Luke America. I don’t know much about it yet, but they had a lot of good sign slogans… […]

  393. Neversaydie says:

    Luke America, I hold you partially responsible for making Americans more ignorant.

  394. QuakerDave says:

    I watched some of these so-called grassroots demonstrations today, and came up with some more:

    “I can afford to take off from work today to do this!”

    “When you marched against the war, you were a traitor. When I threaten to overturn a legal election by force, I’m a patriot! Go figure!”

    “Guns, God, Gays, Gingrich, and Greed! That’s the New GOP!” (Same old one, actually…)

    “I can see fascism from my house!”

    “Dick Armey told me to be here!”

  395. Cathy Pope says:

    Mine was a two sided sign that said WE’RE BEING SCREWED with a screw painted on and the other side was a screw cut out with the same thing. I was able to chase off a liberal infiltrator here in Denver with the use of my sign….thanks to the CO State Patrol for their help with that one!!!

  396. adam says:

    I was at a Teaparty last night as well. The bulk of the signs were referring to Socialism and government spending with a small percentage protesting Obama. I would say there were just as many anti Pelosi, Reid, DHS signs as there was anti Obama. The speakers did not stand up there and recite the old Republican retoric as well.
    The all or none mentality is not reality. I too have more Libertarian than republican or conservative for that matter, but if I look and/or support only the “perfect libertarian”, I will probably never find him or would he/she ever have a chance of winning an election. Just as you will never find a new home, car or spouse, just the way you want it/her, there comes a time when you have to compromise. The true question is how much you compromise. There were compromises with the issue of slavery by the framers of the Constitution.
    McCain was not choice for a candidate, but I voted for him because he had a better chance of winning (I supported Ron Paul in the primaries) and has values closer to mine.
    If a person was running for elected office and had 95% of your libertarian philosophy, would you vote for him/her?

  397. Stoutcat says:

    Report and photos of yesterday’s Boston Tea Party plus great signs and slogans at http://grandrants.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/stoutcat-reports-boston-tea-party/

  398. Ann Ward says:

    THIS IS IMPORTANT NOW! Please make t shirts & signs something to the effect of
    GOT TAX MONEY BACK? OBAMA BORROWED IT FROM CHINA! The general population has no idea where the money really comes from. They think Obama will just sent it to them after his speach!



    This is really what it is starting to mean after their coverage of our TEA parties.

  399. Ann Ward says:

    Please don’t put my last name on my comments as I am a little worried about it. I’m just so mad at the liberal media! This is horrible.

  400. ancientazhure says:


  401. QuakerDave says:


    Somebody needs to read “Economics for Dummies.”

  402. […] As one blogger put it on one of the Tea Party websites: BDO, You have some good thoughts, but my personal budget is my own business. If I rack up my credit card balances that is my own problem. It is wrong for me, or anyone else to think that you, or Rich, should come to my aid. There is nothing wrong with spending money like a drunkin sailer as that mate is spending his own money. Congress, all of them including the past two presidents, have borrowed against our income, our children and grand children. If steal your wallet, and give it to someone I deem as needy it is still a crime, no matter how worthy. The Constitution clearly states that it is a crime for the elected officials to do it also.  — Adam […]

  403. Magarete Olson says:

    I was at the tea party yesterday. Seems there was some confusion about a few people chanting, “Impeach Obama.” If so, I truly believe liberal Obama supporters mingled with the crowd to shout hateful words to stir up the press and the peaceful crowd. The tea party was not a platform to bash Obama I never heard it and I stood to the left of the west entrance of the Capitol.

  404. Overgauss says:

    I Caucus With Patriots!

  405. Steve says:

    Even the Serfs weren’t taxed this much!

    Massive Deficit spending, leaving us all with Change!

    This little piggy killed the free market!

    Fiscal responsibility is to Bailout as Health is to Dr. Kevorkian!

  406. Ian says:

    Taxes were higher for the wealthy under Reagan. Yes Reagan. Even if you present this fact to people they still don’t see how stupid they sound. Do you morons on this board want money for schools, roads, police and fire departments? Because that’s what taxes pay for.

  407. Ian says:

    Nazism, socialism, fascism, and communism are all different things guys. The ignorance of some of you is astounding. It’s like a god damn south park episode. It really is.

  408. Ian, that is THE most wrong argument that is ever used against Federal taxes, and you either know its wrong and still use it, or are just that ignorant. On your list: “schools, roads, police and fire departments” which one of them is a federal agency, which one is ran by the Fed, which one is in the Constitution? The answer is of course none.

    To the degree that we should be taxed for these it should be where they are, at the county level, or perhaps even at the state level. Now you could try to make argument that the FBI needs funding nationally, but that would probably amount to the equivalent of what we pay in the Federal excise tax on international phone service!

    The fact is, we could live without the Income tax if the Government got out of all the thing it should have it’s nose in on at the Federal level, and we’d all be a 1000 times better off.

  409. Ian, one other thing, I agree with you about the ignorance on the difference between Socialism and Fascism, but you would agree then, both Bush and BO had a mixed bag of both Socialistic and Fascist policies? I for one have never seen any respect for the Free market from either of them.

  410. Adam, I just will not vote the lessor of two evils. I refuse to play that game.

    I donated almost 2 grand to RP’s campaign and took weeks off to campaign for him. When the Repubs ran Mcfart instead of going with someone like RP, I voted for Barr running on the Libertarian ticket. Was Barr perfect and my first choice, no. But I didn’t see him as the lessor of three evils, he had at least the basic of what I want in a President, respect for free markets and freedom. You just could not say that about the two major clowns that the old parties nominated.

  411. Ian says:

    Riiiiight. Do you really think the majority of these people are against federal taxes? Do you really think they understand what taxes go where and what they are used for? Some of these people are protesting whether or not Obama is a citizen for christ’s sake. Most of the people here aren’t making more than $250,000 dollars. Their taxes will not be raised. What’s their complaint? They are protesting the fact that their candidate lost. Plain and simple.

  412. Ian says:

    Rich I actually respect Ron Paul because I believe his policies are true to his words. I might not agree with everything he says but at least he doesn’t let the religious/racist crazies take over his party. I think he’s a genuine candidate. We just have political differences. I respect your opinion.

  413. Ian, You are right about a lot of the thinking when it comes to that of the big national “conservative” pundants and public figures, and unfortunately, a lot of people just parrot that as you can see on this blog. I’ve also said how I respect a lot of the D’s as they at least say what they are for, I just totally disagree with it, as you disagree with my stance.

    Its a shame that someone like RP didn’t get the nomination as it would have shot right through the “craziness” of the right extremist if he won. I even find how he was pro-life, but was that way in a way that didn’t sound so completely unacceptable to pro-choice people such as me and my wife. I think that comes down to his beliefs at a fundamental level, that you own your own life, and government has to be very very limited. Its not based on wanting power over anyone, which is where the typical conservatives come from.

    Someday, there will be a common ground where these real issues can be discussed and remove the craziness from it. such as, what is the proper role of government? I just feel that there are still too many people that want power to let that happen. What needs to happen first is for us to reject this notion first that one person has a right to control another. And then from there we can have an honest debate.

  414. Ian says:


  415. Marianne says:

    I think that the best solution for our problems is to legally remove Obama from office, and since he is not legally our President, we should focus our signs on this. Imagine if cameras looking across America’s tea parties saw signs like:

    Obama’s the real terrorist, and he’s not legally our President.

    3 forensic experts declared Obama’s birth certificate to be a forgery: americasright.com

    US Constitution states that the President must be a “natural born citizen.”

    We need a President who can confidently prove that he’s born in the USA.

    Recall Obama: a fraud born in Kenya.

    Obama: “You can’t pay us off; We the people demand an authentic birth certificate.”

    Obama dear, is there a tiny problem with your birth certificate?

    Obama: the pirate who assaulted the Constitution by stealing the presidency.

    My allegations can be documented by information on many websites, including the one listed above and altermedia.info Please read this information before replying to this comment. There are currently 8 lawsuits in the courts concerning Obama’s citizenship, but the judges are apparently being paid off. (Obama has reputedly spent over $800,000 for this.) We the people have been deliberately deceived, and we need to speak up loudly against this outrageous violation of our Constitutional right to an American-born President.

  416. laidoffdiary says:

    I like keep your koolaid, I’ll drink the tea.

    Seriously, what’s going on with all the kool-aid drinking?? When I was a corporate attorney, all these kool-aid drinking associates rallying for the firm–it was disgusting. though, most followers of any idea without much independent thought probably willingly and happily drank the koolaid.


  417. […] courtesy of lukeamerica2020 (though, I’m not a conservative by any means–probably another reason I got cannned) 0 […]

  418. It’s odd how you’ve all stayed quiet for eight years, despite record deficits and huge spending when it comes to wiping out half the population of Iraq.
    It’s like an entire group of bitter Sean Hannity’s got together to spend a few hours being hypocrites.

  419. Adrock says:

    Give Me Liberty, Don’t Give Me Debt

  420. sbsisyphus says:

    I”ve got quite a few good signs displayed in the Cincinnati Tea Party’s rally video you can view on YouTube:

  421. Krissy Adams says:

    Protest Signs

    Washington-You THINK you OWN the Railroad- Under the constitution “WE THE PEOPLE” DRIVE THE TRAIN!!


    Your Succession from OUR Union Has been Approved.

  422. Ian says:


    This is why people don’t listen to you. You are crazy. You represent a dying breed of American. The racist anti-intellectual kind. You don’t like Obama because he is black. It is painfully obvious. Saying he is not a citizen is a convenient way of saying he is not white. You know that it is. You need to get out more and see the whole country. Black people live here too. Just because he is black does not mean that he was born in Africa. Get over it. This isn’t a legitimate concern to anyone but paranoid racist morons like yourself. If you really cared about your country you would focus your energy on a different issue. Just stop.

  423. Mimi says:

    Ian–Obama is NOT American black. Actually he has only a small percent of African bloodline. What she means is: Obama can not be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN per the Constitution. It does not matter if he was born in Canada or New York City. His FATHER was not born in the USA!
    Elementary government 101. You are one with the blinders on ignoring the CONSTITUTION. The law is the law……..
    YOU are the one “hung up” on color.

  424. Ian says:


    I guess you are a paranoid bigot as well. You need to read about this further. Specifically the 14th amendment.

  425. […] 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans by LukeAmerica2020 The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 2000 Tax Day Tea […] […]

  426. Moses says:

    wow… a lot of slogans haha! Good luck! 🙂

  427. garybau says:

    hmmm..seems some confusion over the idea of a federation of states.

    if there is one america, there needs to be some cross subsidy across states as the taxes in each are not sufficient for the services expected

    unless you are independently wealthy and do not use the state provided services

    then again, if you had a say in how taxes were spent, there would be no army to fight in iraq,,,Afghanistan is a totally different issue

    the ability to pay argument, by citizens free will because governments are incapable of spending ‘properly’

    the whole point of representative democracy is the politicians are trusted to decide.

    thouhg one can argue the sort of representation in USA is not democratic..compare germany/Australia/New Zealand/France/Sweden for truly representative democracies.

    maybe that’s part of the issue…america is not a representative democracy…just a place that has votes every four years…


    melbourne, australia
    (from down under!)

    we have proportional representation where winner does not take all the votes…multi-member electorates would solve many of the issues with the US electoral system

  428. garybau, I don’t think you understand what the US is (or I should say, is supposed to be). Its not a “federation” in the way that socialistic states are organized, such as how the soviet Union used to be.

    We were the first nation to be organized as a true Republic and up until many of the Constituional amendments were added, we remained more of a true Republic. For example, the way we elect the President is still not “democratic”, nor is the way we USED to elect Senators.

    The same people that want democracy, which is really at its heart socialism, managed many years ago to change the way we elect Senators, and now they are trying to do the same to the POTUS. (and by same people, I mean people who think that way, not the same exact people) Of course it goes far beyond just electing people, it goes to the belief that they can just pass law because they want them, or that “the people” want them.

    With this Republic, the union was supposed to be extremely limited in both its power and its scope. What we’ve had for the last 70 years or so has been socialism, what we are moving towards now though is fascism.

    That’s probably why you are confused, as you think we are supposed to be a socialist state. Unfortunately, I can understand why you would think that way

  429. Ben says:

    I was also at Tea Party on Wednesday night. There were a lot of people protesting Obama because A) he is the President, B) he is the head of the Democrat/Communist Party & C) they are primarily the ones leading the charge to making this a comunist country. Yes, I am white, but just because I criticize Obama, doesn’t make me a racist. Unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened. Everytime somebody who white criticizes him, the charge of racism automaticly flys out. I live in the deep south & I hear this charge from black Americans all the time. This does nothing but stifle free constitutional speech & widen racial lines. The real racists are Obama & NAACP. Honestly, if a white public official said even a small portion of the things against blacks that they have said about whites & other races, there would be all you know what to pay. The double standard that exists in this country that allows blacks to say or do what they want with immunity, while other races are ostracized, only adds to the problem. If Obama can’t stand the heat, then he needs to get out of the kitchen.
    I have no problem paying taxes that go to things like the military, schools, roads, police & fire departments etc, but I due have a problem with all the social spending & waste on programs that are not constitutional. I due have a problem that only a small portion of Americans pay taxes other than sales tax, & then have the nerve to complain about it. How about this, first we eliminate all the uncontitutional spending, & then set up 1 flat tax rate so that everyone rich or poor pays the same rate; now that is a fair tax. Oh, and then we split up the revenues between state, local, & federal, but that rate can NEVER go up. The current tax code does nothing but punish those who work hard to get ahead.

  430. Mrstinylady says:

    WOW! This site was a total BLAST!

    Thanks, Luke, for sharing these creative slogans and links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  431. bramclabby says:

    To all of you typing the race debate:
    You are indeed young, Ben, since you have grown up after Segregation. You have grown up in a world with a handful of wealthy African-Americans to be figureheads to make black people seem less poor and discriminated-against as a whole than they are in the rest of society. If you don’t think black people are treated worse than white people, take a college Psychology course.
    Studies on thousands of people have shown that people inherently suspect black people of committing crimes, based entirely on appearance. Given identical resumes, a business is more than twice as likely to call the white person in for an interview. Black people are pulled over at “random” checkpoints more often, and are many times more likely to receive the death sentence for the same crime as a white person who doesn’t receive it. Even being helped in the grocery store, or in buying a car from the dealership, the white person is helped and the black person is left alone, the white person is given a better deal and the black person might even be told they’re sold out.
    Now before this forum says another word about race, keep in mind that the judges in all the above situations– who falsely convict, who deny them jobs, who deny them service– were everyday white Americans. The reverse does happen, I do admit. Affirmative Action is meant to be stronger than the bias of the people who otherwise color-code the resumes.
    But, if I might add, in the follow-up interviews to the people in the studies, none of them described themselves as racist. And only some admitted they had discriminated after seeing their own numbers.

    It’s something to watch out for, before speaking your own mind so idly. If they call you racist, it’s only because they never want to see that ethnic background alone will give them the short end of the stick.

  432. […] article who had long since moved on and lost all power over the flow of discussion. “LukeAmerica2000,” Conservative blogger and self-fashioned satirist, had compiled a list of 101 signs seen at […]

  433. Pat says:

    Colorado Tea Party Organizers,

    I don’t Twitter and I don’t have a Face Book page, please send this along.


    Ron Paul’s Bill H.R. 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve could use all of our support.

    Call your Congressman and strongly request the co-sponsoring of H.R. 1207.

    Thank you,

    Seal Beach, CA

    History of the Federal Reserve 101 (central bank is a privately owned bank)

    http://www.votesmart.org/– Project Vote Smart call themselves the Voters Self-Defense
    System. Nonpartisan

    http://www.ourcaucus.com/ –All politics is local!

  434. Pat says:

    Colorado Tea Party Organizers,

    I don’t Twitter and I don’t have a Face Book page, please send this along.


    Ron Paul’s Bill H.R. 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve could use all of our support.

    Call your Congressman and strongly request the co-sponsoring of H.R. 1207.

    Thank you,

    Seal Beach, CA

    History of the Federal Reserve 101 (central bank is a privately owned bank)

    w.votesmart.org/– Project Vote Smart call themselves the Voters Self-Defense System. Nonpartisan

    w.ourcaucus.com/ –All politics is local!

  435. zbuddy99 says:

    You know I find that the more mature that I become the more that I want to be an independent. I don’t think that political parties even have a role now-a-days. I think that it is a convenience thing. Oh I am republican so I don’t have to do research, just vote party line. I will admit when I was first able to vote, this is what I did. After my tour in Iraq, and coming home to this depression. I realized how little I agreed with either party. I for the first time voted for who I saw as promising, and for my local rep I voted for a dem. He has turned out well. As for the government, I am in the process of buying a house (for which I can afford monthly payments on, pay the 10% down, and have the credit to back) out in the country. Away from city control. One less form of government to deal with.
    I hope that something comes of these tea parties. Maybe just a few “very conservative”, not republicans, but very conservative thinkers can get into DC and maybe spread their thoughts.

  436. zbuddy99: We did get the attention of our ‘non-representing representatives’ in DC.

    There will be more Tea Party rallies by patriotic Americans. We WILL be influential in the next election. In the meantime, we each need to remind our friends, family, and neighbors that WE, the people, can make a difference.

  437. Maureen says:

    Here are some slogans that come to my mind.

    * I don’t go to work so you can be a stay at home mom!
    * Where is my break for being responisble?
    * Where is my reduced interest rate?
    * If I don’t pay for my childcare, neither do you…….so why should I pay for YOURS?
    * I didn’t live beyond my means, and neither should you!

  438. Overgauss says:

    Save some tea for me!

    I Caucus With Patriots so that you don’t have to.

  439. […] samples, Downloadable PDF signs, 220+ Sign slogans (great […]

  440. zbuddy99 says:

    You know I am from a really conservative state, over all. Kansas. Most of what the nation is seeing, we have seen for years. Many, many of the people here love being left alone by the government. Our state over all has been mildly affected by this downturn. Now our biggest city, Wichita, has been devastated. Since it is the air capitol of the world, and congress didn’t look to fondly on the jets that GM and others owned (another instance where they felt smart, but for only a minute). We have several state reps that are real good at looking out for us, but one of our senators might be on the next presidential ticket. He is by no means perfect, but you might want to check him out. This site shows his voting record. http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=21952#

  441. zbuddy99 says:

    Sorry forgot to put his name down. It is Sam Brownback, and he has been one of our senators since 96.

  442. 1984 says:

    CHANGE? After this administration, that’s all you’ll have left.

  443. […] samples, Downloadable PDF signs, 220+ Sign slogans (great […]

  444. Gerry says:

    This is perhaps the best Tea Party sign I have ever seen.

  445. Gerry says:

    Oops! The photo didn’t upoad right. I hope it works this time. If it doesn’t the sign says, “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its’ idiot.

  446. Raul says:

    Someone should bring a laptop to a tea party, go to http://www.usdebtclock.com, and hold it up in place of a sign.

  447. Raul says:

    Sorry, it’s usdebtclock.org

  448. David says:

    My empathy lies with free market capitalism!!

  449. Red Mom says:

    Sign suggestion:

    “To quote Donald Trump,
    “YOU’RE FIRED!!”

  450. jack walsh says:

    all tea parters must read to understand the FED: The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Grffin

    Sign Suggestion: U.S. constitution + The Free Market = Personal Liberty

  451. George says:

    Recession is when your neighbor loses his job

    Depression is when you lose your job

    Recovery is when Obama loses his job

  452. Daniel in Denton says:

    Are you guys still on about this!? Why don’t you quit bitching about Obama and blame Summers/Geithner? Oh, yeah, because then you’d have to admit that Obama IS a capitalist

  453. diana says:

    Daniel in Denton:

    You still can’t admit Obama is a Socialist? Oh, yeah, because then you’d have to actually get a job and work like the rest of us.

  454. DJ says:

    I hope all of you are willing and able to voice your concerns tomorrow and attend a Tea Party. Show yourself, show support.

  455. Ciel says:

    SOCIALIST? Obama is a fascist. All the talking and blogging in the world can’t change the fact that NO previous president, especially George Bush, shut down the free media. dictating what would be reported and rewarding the CEO of the parent company of NBC for promising to be obedient. The welfare of America is at the bottom of Obama’s list of priorities. At the top is 1. Obama 2. redistribution of wealth 2. the destruction of free enterprise system 4. avoiding action and sucking up to the enemies of America and, it would seem, play dates all over the globe. He is the tool that has been manufactured by forces outside this country to further an agenda not in our best interests. You can howl and scream and call me names, but wait. The future will, sadly, bear me out. The man is a toxin that will destroy everything we love about our once great nation.

  456. […] Tip to and by  Luke America2020 The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 2000 Tax Day […]

  457. davidlachnicht says:

    You left out “Tea Bag Obama”

  458. Matt says:

    Great list of sign ideas. I’ll have to bookmark this for future use.

  459. Natasha says:

    Where is my senator?
    ..Oh yeah.
    A slave to Washington.

  460. Natasha says:

    Give me liberty
    Or give me death..
    (under obama’s plan..)

  461. Sally says:

    Just used a couple of ideas to make my signs for tonite’s health forum and for a large Tea Party September 5th and of course, for the March on Washington, September 12th! Thanks for the website.

  462. Alexandra says:

    Here is and Idea

    This is why I DIDN’T vote for YOU!!!

  463. All Taxes
    are paid
    by the
    YOU !

  464. Dee Dee LLoyd says:

    YES, I am the
    (mad, overtaxed and broke)

  465. Dee Dee LLoyd says:

    means never having to say you’re SORRY

  466. Dee Dee LLoyd says:

    WHY does Nancy Pelosi need a new jet ,
    her BROOM works fine?

  467. Congress
    once thought
    2 % tax
    was too high!

  468. Sebil Knortz says:

    Why are communists advising our President?
    Why did Obama say an abortion survivor shouldn’t be called a baby?
    Why did Harry Reid thank Acorn for helping to write the Stimulus Bill?
    Why are Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all experiencing global warming?

  469. Janey says:

    Just a correction on grammar on one of the slogans:

    It should read “Humans First”

    (Not “human’s first” as that is possessive.)

  470. Robert B says:

    Obama acts stupidly! – I support law enforcement.

  471. Lucille E says:

    Memo to Obabma and the Government:
    You work for me. Your’re fired!!!
    Clean out your desks.

    Our Government is raping our pockets!
    Isn’t rape a punishable crime?

    In God we Trust
    In the Government we don’t.

  472. Darren Purdy says:

    Here are a few more slogan ideas for your signs this Saturday!

    Gov’t big enough to supply all you need is big enough to take all you have!

    Leave Some prosperity for us! (with photos of children)

    This is America…We don’t redistribute wealth, we EARN it!

    Contrary to popular opinion, NO ONE owes you ANYTHING!

  473. tina stone says:

    we the pepole say no….. no fascist congress… no socialisim

  474. G Aponte says:

    I have one for you:


    This one is based in real comments made by Hugo Chavez.

  475. Martin says:

    People, people, people…I’m reading the slogans and coming away with a similar theme amongst many of you. I realize that common sense is not that common anymore, however it strikes me that many of you do have common sense…well let’s use it. Throwing out all incumbents or starting a third party due to the anger at Republicans is kind of like throwing out the baby with the bath water now isn’t it. Common sense and history tell me that a third party just won’t be viable. First does anyone realize the infrastructure needed for a third party to be viable? And why not do what the fascists (Progressives, socialists) have done with the Democratic party and all of us like minded conservatives take over the Republican party and it’s very vital infrastructure from within. We do not need a new party we need to revitalize one. Besides the Dems will see this as a divide and conquer moment and we will merely be handing them more power. Common sense people we can make real change within the Republican party and this nation but we have to use common sense and a viable means. United we stand divided we fall.

  476. Steve says:

    Martin’s post of 9/20/09 is right on! Remake the RINOs into the Reagan GOP!

    If the opposite of Pro is Con, the opposite of Progress is Congress?

  477. LARRY says:


  478. James Scott says:

    If the conservative wins in New York, some might appreciate a sign with the words REMEMBER THE NEW YORK 23rd.

  479. HERSHEY says:


  480. Sheila says:

    P elosi
    O bama
    R eid
    N apolitano


  481. russ says:

    If the Post Office steals youre mail and delivers it to the police, questions you about it, just how are you to believe that they are not above the law,you as a citizen actually have rights and can prosicute anyone while they are under the patiot act of 2001.

  482. I refuse to pay
    the Sherriff
    of Knottingham
    more than is in
    my purse!

  483. Robin Hood!
    Come to our

  484. More Taxes?
    How does
    money from
    the economy,
    improve the

  485. You should try to make some top list style posts or something like it

  486. David Price says:

    Here’s a slogan I thought of: “Hey Mr. Geithner, you didn’t pay your taxes. How come I have to?”

  487. Sheila says:


    P pelosi
    O obama
    R reid
    N napolitano


  488. david says:


  489. Joe says:

    Let’s take America Back.. we’ll start by teabagging Massa

  490. Daniel says:

    How about: “Wanted: Young people”

  491. Steve says:

    In God We Trust!
    Obama…not so much.

  492. david says:


  493. david says:


  494. Numb3r says:

    There’s some hilarious and really funny tea party signs at this site: http://www.teapartylol.com

  495. mar says:

    Everyone just isn’t getting the picture. Who cares who started it. Lets finish it right. What is happening now is that government is trying to take our our Freedons awayt. Politicians running everything is not the answer. We the People have the right to correct our mistakes without government interference. Taxing us to death and giving or taking away all our money is not the answer. Our children and grandchildren will not have the freedom we have. The way it is going they will have to answer for every step they make and will be taxed for it. People, people, people. Work for what you need. Don’t expect everything given to you for free. Government was to help protect us not take everything away. One big questions I still have is if OBAMA is so good and wonderful, why is he still hiding is birth certificate and why did he have his collage records sealed. What possible reason could their be to hide that from us who have hired him?

  496. Katherine says:


    My newest Tea Party Sign

  497. Tom F. says:



  498. Daniel says:

    How about:

    “Where are the young people?”

    “Where are the black people?”

    Thank god all you losers will die off in the next 20 years while my generation becomes the country’s biggest voting block. Finally we’ll get Euro-style social democracy, while all of you brainwashed suckers will go to your graves dirt poor and unemployed and in need of serious medical attention you can’t afford. Corporatist suckers…

  499. Steve Powers says:

    Cool Hand Luke: Not exact quotes!
    “What we got here is… failure to assimilate.”
    “Calling it your job don’t make it right, Nancy.”
    “Wish you’d stop bein’ so good to me, Senator.”

    “Constitution brought you in…Constitution take you out.”

  500. Ray says:

    “The last time we were represented like this, we had a revolution!”

  501. TERRY & LINDA MASST says:


  502. Cathy says:

    I have a new sign or slogan to add to your list…

    “CHANGE” YOU CAN BEREAVE IN! I’ll take it to the next rally!

  503. Cathy says:

    How about another sign or slogan for Sarah Palin…


  504. […] Great Sign Ideas:  101 Tea Party Sign Slogans […]

  505. Alice Liebel says:

    Pray for Our Country
    while it is still Legal

  506. Adrienne says:

    “No Taxation by Misrepresentation”

    And Daniel, really, there are young people and there are black people. Do you not pay attention? Have you not opened your eyes? The rallies I’ve been to have had several young college students like myself. Believe it or not, the majority of the youth do not have a European-Socialist mindset like yourself…your group is just louder. Ever heard of the silent majority?

  507. Lois says:

    No Child Left a Dime

    Kids ya can’t feed ’em
    government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have

  508. jen joy says:


    Jesus Saves, Obama Spends

    I Love My Carbon Footprint

  509. RenoDiamond says:

    NobamaCalendar.com – now is the time!
    We here in Nevada are busy sending Stinky Pinky back to the high desert – ya’ll have a GREAT day tomorrow!! Hooyaa!

  510. Al Paoli says:

    Envision a sign with a picture of Obama and the US Capitol as well as the captions below on opposite sides…



  511. Lee Ransdell says:

    How about:
    When in Doubt….
    Refer to the Constitution and the Bible !

  512. jen says:

    How about the slogan:

    At least at the humane society they tell the animals before they put them outside to die. With this bill we’ll be caught quite off guard.

  513. jen says:

    How about:

    The BIBLE said I could!

  514. jen says:

    When slavery was discovered in 1492, they didn’t mean US!

  515. austin says:


    You truly are a pathetic human being. You have spent almost a year placing your “I hate tea party messages” on this blog, and none of it carries any weight. I am a hispanic male; 39 years old; Naval Veteran, and proud to call myself a Tea Party backer. I am not interested in your socialistic wants or dreams. I want to support my church, work hard, pay my fair share of taxes, and raise my family, without governmental help and intrusions.

  516. Daniel says:


    You were in the navy? big whoop! are you more “patriotic” or more “american” because you served your country militarily? I’m an Eagle Scout who was born at Ramstein AFB and spent my entire childhood abroad. While my parents maintained the empire, I sacrificed all relationships with extended family — when my grandfather died last January, I couldn’t even become sad because I didn’t actually know him. So spare me your bragging.

    I am simply pointing out the facts of this movement: It will die because it represents a shrinking demographic in this country. You, at 39, are among the youngest in its ranks. Your ethnicity also puts you in a VERY small minority within this movement, though there are more Hispanics than black Americans (1% IIRC). Your group’s focus on God, guns and gays is hilariously out of touch with my generation, even in southern states.

    People my age (born after 1981) will be the largest voting block in America by 2016. We are anti-war, much less religious, more ethnically diverse, better educated and better traveled than any other generation of Americans. On the whole we welcome social-democratic reforms to health care, transportation, housing, education and employment because we have been to other countries and seen the benefits of such systems.

    I’m visiting Korea right now and have been surprised to see NO homeless people in a city of 450,000. I asked someone how this is possible and he said it’s considered unacceptable that anyone should ever be without a home. Talk about government for the people!

    Meanwhile, in the USA, families lose their homes every day because they can’t afford necessary medical treatments or because they became unemployed. Tent cities have sprung up. When the government tries to help these people, you and everyone else in the Limbaugh-sphere tell them to go to hell in the name of Jesus, amen.

    Speaking of Jesus:
    Blessed are the meek…
    Blessed are the merciful…
    Blessed are the peacemakers…

    Jesus was a socialist.

    Have fun at your rallies today as you show the world the true level of American stupidity.

  517. Daniel says:

    edit: I am visiting SOUTH Korea right now.

    North Korea is so effed up for many reasons that run much, much deeper than the skin-deep capitalist/socialist argument.

  518. Sheila says:


    P Pelosi
    O Obama
    R Reid
    N Napolitano

    Clean up our Capitol….

  519. Tiff says:

    “Give Tiger a break, Obama is screwing the whole country”

  520. Jeannie says:

    How about………….

    “STOP nickel and dime-ing us to death with your ‘change'”

  521. sally says:

    Not Raciest
    Not Violent
    No Longer Silent!

  522. Betsey says:

    I stumbled on this website this morning looking for conservative slogans. Thank you for making this info available. It’s great that people are contributing their unique talents and ideas. This movement will go forward because people care deeply and are giving of themselves so the America we love will be around for our children and grandchildren.

    I read Daniel’s latest email and get the feeling he’s been around awhile voicing his opposition to the Tea Party movement. It made me sad because he could have a point about the demographics and the inexperience of youth that could hold sway in our country for awhile, maybe forever if things continue to change so dramatically. Just a good reminder that the stakes are high and the Tea Party has to put forth its best efforts!

    But what really was telling about his message was the last line…the name-calling. What I notice about the opposition, from their attendance at Tea Party rallies and media appearances, is a haughty intellectualism and grade school name-calling, ranging from “stupid” to “seditious”. It’s a sure sign they’re out of legitimate arguments and know we’re not backing down!

    Like Sally says…Not raciest, not violent, Silent No More! God, Family, Country!

  523. Daniel,

    Perhaps you should speak for your self, I was born after 1981, have a great life, a great educational background and a great love for my country, furthmore I love my god, and love my freedoms, enough to fight for them and to say that Socialism doesn’t work, just because you are too lazy to get a job don’t think I want to lug your weight around. I am a single mother, a small business owner, I bought my own home, and take care of my family by working hard, giving 10% to my church, paying my taxes and not taking a single penny in wel-fare. I am what is great about this country, and I am not alone, I know a lot of other 20-30 year old’s who think that the tea party is a wonderful movement, who want to work hard and see their children inherit a free country and not more debt. I also support the war, support the troups and think that if you hate us so much why not stay in one of those foreign countries that are so much better because they are socialist. One less welfare bum living off of my hard work.

  524. Daniel says:

    First, please let me apologize for the antagonizing nature of some of my previous posts. I get drunk and depressed at the state of the world, then become “that guy” … So in the interest of civil discourse, I’ll cut it out (at least around here…) especially since some of you are kind enough to still engage me despite my trolling.

    R Lynn: You are in a minority among our generation. I have lived in the south for more than a decade and seen the difference firsthand. But such anecdotal evidence is only so reliable, and that’s all you bring. The fact is, our generation overwhelmingly voted for Obama and Democrats in general. (I was a Nader supporter, FWIW)

    Reading your post, you support things that are at odds with each other. For example, you want no government debt, but you support the ongoing occupations of Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as the military in general. Are you aware that the military consumes fully half of our federal budget? This despite the Cold War having ended nearly 20 years ago.

    I think your life is impressive to this point — it’s incredibly difficult to raise a child, especially one one’s own. Add in running a business and yes, I would agree, you are the type of person who deserves a medal, especially in this economic climate where small businesses are dying.

    But while I find your life’s details commendable, you are still in a minority within our generation. You called me “too lazy to get a job”… We are the hardest hit demographic group in this economy, with the highest unemployment. What should these people do? What should I do? Starve because of your irrational fear of socialism? I was unemployed for the past eight months despite earning academic scholarships, publishing in academic journals, earning a Master’s degree in journalism, and having a HIGHLY sought-after internship in a major media market. I finally had no choice but to leave the country and seek my fortune elsewhere. This option is not available to everyone. Again, what would you have these people do? Go hungry? Suffer with unpaid debts?

    (I know some smart-ass will say “swallow your pride and work at McDonald’s” but there are only so many open positions at McDonald’s and low-wage jobs are not any way to satisfy an economy like ours, dependent on rampant consumption. I took on odd jobs like painting and house cleaning in a town full of summer homes but it was just not enough money to be sustainable.)

  525. The I am too good to work at Wal-Mart; I’d rather be on Welfare Generation:

    I never said I wanted no government debt. I realize that in order to have troops, to protect our borders and our people, that it cost money. However I do not believe that the way to get out of debt is by spending more money. Government spending has been out of hand for a long time, it continues to get worse, to quote Glenn Beck debt works the same at my house as it does the white house and there comes a point in time when you are spending more the you could ever possibly pay back, I don’t want that for my children or my grandchildren they will inherit this mess, I am just hoping to curb some of this.
    If I had to pick between going on welfare or working at McDonalds, and I have worked at McDonalds before (It sucked) I would work at McDonalds, if I had to pick between going to cleaning bathrooms and going on welfare I would clean bathrooms, and this irrational issue of starving, there is only one reason that people are starving in America and that is that they are literally too lazy to go get food, the options for people are overwhelming. Healthcare, my parents have been small business owners for the majority of my life, worked hard; 17 years ago my father had a spontaneous pneumothroax, just weeks after moving from Denver to the Ozarks, he was in the hospital for two weeks. Which essentially meant we were without an income for two weeks, do you think that my Mom crawled down to the welfare office with her hand out? No my brother who is only 18 months older then I am, which would have put him around 11 years old figured out how to take over the family business, improve upon it and run it, at 11 years old he became the man of the house and kept things running (Along with the help of my wonderful Mother) until my father recovered, and those hospital bills, they paid them monthly along with their mortgage, utilities and taking care of five kids, so don’t lecture me about being a smart ass if you think you are too good for McDonalds get out of my country. My parents worked hard, I work hard, my brothers and sisters work hard. I live in the heart of the Ozarks and people are constantly surprising me by showing up at Tea Party Rallies, or telling me, I love Glenn Beck, how are we going to get this country back on track, these are young people, old people, retired people, High School students, people who when the factory closed down figured out really fast that Welfare is going to be what destroys our country and so they hung their heads and went to work at McDonalds. Your Degree’s don’t impress me, any more than mine do and I have mine hanging on the wall by my computer.
    Support the troops? I have over 3000 reasons to support the troops, every time I hear World Trade Center, Pentagon, for Shanksville Pennsylvania. I thank the troops. It’s been almost 9 years and I still can’t watch flight 93, if I start to I ball and have to turn the movie off. I can sit here and remember every single detail starting around 9 pm on September 10th of 2001, going through the next few days. I support the war over there because 3000+ lives over here are 3000+ too many. I don’t want our people to die because Muslims hate us and our way of life, and quite frankly I don’t want to hear your justification for why it’s all right for them to kill us. No American Life is worth their cause, and if our troops can keep the war over their then God Bless them.
    Cut spending? Yes, a trillion dollars is not going to Iraq and Afghanistan. A trillion Dollars is not even going to the Health Care Monstrosity that Obama crammed down our throats. His spending makes Bush look like a Miser, and don’t get me wrong at the time I thought nobody could spend like Bush, man was I wrong. We elected these people, they work for us, and quite frankly I think that they are a bunch of overpaid dolts.
    The reason that I as a single Mom can run my own business and buy a house both things I have only done in the last year is that I do not have piles of unpaid debt, I didn’t buy a flashy new car cause I could, I don’t have satellite television or television at all. I look at each expense as too what I can afford and what I cannot, I know easily where every penny I spend goes too, and I didn’t buy a house that I knew I couldn’t afford, when I bought my house I told my lender down to the penny what I could afford, and could afford if my business failed and I had to go back to work for Wal-Mart, or God forbid work somewhere that is beneath me.
    People who feel like me you say are the minority, but that is simply not the case, we were the silent Majority, until now. Thanks to people like you, people who say “even a change for the worse would be better” we are about to become the Screaming Mad Majority, much like on 9/11 the terrorist awoke the silent beast, people who try to change my Republic to an Euro style Social Democracy will find that they have awoken the silent Beast, the people like me who will not see the American Dream die.
    If you think Socialism or Euro-style socialism is the answer I recommend you read Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept, and then tell me if you still feel that Socialism works or better yet spend time in Western Europe like Bawer did, I feel perhaps that will open your eyes, to see that America is better off without Socialism.

  526. Steve Wann says:

    Abomination for Obama Nation

  527. CATHY BELLIGAN says:


    First off, you need something called common sense. Spare me the “more educated” generation than any other. Your generation cannot even spell correctly. Garbage in, Garbage out is the education you’ve gotten.

    Jesus was NO socialist. You are a fool invoking this backward thought process and using Jesus’ name to substantiate it. Take time to READ the bible and stop cherry picking scripture for your weak arguments.

    You and everyone in your generation NEED to work at McDonald’s. You are NO better than anyone else out there because you have so-called MORE EDUCATION. Get some humility. Do you know what that is and how important it is for healthy human development?

    Socialism FAILED, it continues to spiral out-of-control in EVERY European country out there and continues to FAIL.

    Please MOVE TO EUROPE or KOREA. Your generation is a bunch of pretentious whiners that think they are too good for everything and hide it in their sanctimonious rantings. You are pitiful.

    By the way – who paid for your trip to Korea? Not you, I’m sure.

    I recommend you remove your head from your posterior and get some rational, fact-based thoughts in your head….or better yet, take your meds.

  528. Cathy,

    Thank you, so are so right. My “generation” has some serious issues to overcome, the idea that they are better then other people based on their education is a start and yes everyone should have to start at the bottom and work their way up. I’ve taken on a lot of jobs that I either was over qualified for or were just plain aweful in order to pay the bills, this attitude that “I can’t work for McDonalds because I have a college degree” is total and utter nonsense. Again thank you, your post made my day.

  529. Daniel says:

    Cathy, I worked hard and paid a lot of money to earn my degrees. I finished my Master’s program with straight A’s while digging under my couch cushions to pay the rent most months. Am I “entitled” because I want a job that makes use of the degrees I busted my ass to complete? Am I “entitled” because I want to earn a living wage and have things like health insurance and two weeks’ paid vacation? I thought working hard and paying your dues was the American way you are trying to preserve.

    As for Jesus and money: Matthew 19:21 “Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

    Further, in Acts 4:34, it sounds like they are advocating the starting of a commune! “Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold”

    And of course, there is the whole part about Jesus owning no possessions, speaking on behalf of society’s lowest caste and, of course, throwing the money-lenders (usurers) out of the temple.

    For many in my generation the American dream is already dead — the housing market isn’t coming back, good-paying factory jobs aren’t coming back, easy credit isn’t coming back. American real wages have declined since 1980 — the only way we’ve kept up our lifestyles is with easy credit and two working parents in most households.

    Moving to Korea is the best financial decision I’ve ever made! My apartment is free; I don’t pay income tax; I have health insurance, two weeks of paid vacation; for half the price, my cell phone and Internet connections beat the crap out of what we have in the US;I don’t have to own a car; half of my paycheck goes straight into savings and I still have lots left, plus the time, to enjoy life — travel on weekends, beers with friends, spas and public baths. I don’t even work 40 hours a week! Now that I’m here, I’m in no hurry to leave.

  530. CATHY BELLIGAN says:

    You are welcome R Lynn Robinson – You made my day!!

  531. adam says:

    How about:
    We hate Robin Hood too! or
    Obama – your why I live abroad or
    Keep you Healthcare, I’m happy with my free clinic or
    True financial responsibility – Repeal medicare or
    Jack Daniel’s the only national healthcare we need ! or
    Where’s John C. Calhoun when you need him? or
    Jefferson Davis 2012

  532. William says:

    haha man some of these comments are hilarious, great sign ideas

  533. Craig says:

    I love the people who blame King Boosh for the current situation. Granted, Boosh was a ding-dong, but so is EVERY President. Wake up, people. The Presidents of this Country [or should I say “company”; see 28 USC 3002(15)(A)] are all just puppets doing what they’re told by the bankers (read: FED) that own this Country/company.

  534. Dean says:

    I’ll vote Conservative when Conservatives Govern Conservative. Cut the budget, except the military, Social Security, and Medicare is not Conservative!
    Lowering taxes while raising spending is not Conservative!

  535. gene willis says:

    did the people in the tea party boot lick the naacp before protesting?did anyone from the tea party shoot or hang a white person to sooth the nerves of the naacp on a precieve racial attack?did any tea party member defile a white women to apease the rath of there lord and master,the naacp.well shucks,no wonder why the naacp is so mad,the whites arnt doing what there lord and masters want,kill whitey.these tea baggers beeter get with the naacp’s personal agenda,dont want to rile there bosses,do they?

  536. Brian Egbert says:

    My favorite is still Nov 2nd is” National Empty the Trash Day”-VOTE

  537. coogniguild says:

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  538. infoneecox says:

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  539. texshelters says:

    Some were clever, some signs were inane, some were just misguided.

    For example “Government isn’t the problem, Ivy league politicians are”.

    I would agree, mostly, and that include all the Ivy League educated Republicans like George W Bush, HW Bush, Cheney, and all the others. So, you must dislike those “Ivy league educated politicians” too.

    Tex Shelters

  540. Vince Moudry says:

    Deficit Spending Today- Your Kids Will Pay And Pay!
    Animal Farm Real-time:The Pigs Are Changing The Rules!
    Police,Fire & Libraries, Oh My! Why Not Pork, Perks &
    Entitlements_ Oh Why?
    Boot The Incumbent Deemers, Nonreaders & Signers.
    Obama & Pelosi Have a Special Medical Procedure Just
    For You…Enjoy!
    How Many New Links Will You Add To The Chains That
    Already Shackle Our Kids?

  541. […] This kind of revolutionary  language today is sadly paranoid and needs to be self-regulated by the …, before another sad, paranoid American decides that he or she is a 21st century  Minuteman. […]

  542. […] Please note that our blog has moved toCommon Sense 2020 by LukeAmerica2020 The second wave of Tea Party Protests is rapidly approaching. Currently, more than 2000 Tax Day Tea Parties are scheduled for April 15th, in cities large and small, coast to coast. These patriotic gatherings will range in size from a few dozen to as many as 10,000 in larger cities. While many of us are beginning to plan the day and make our signs, a lot of folks are lookin … Read More […]

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  544. If I would get paid 1$ for each idiotic word from Tea-Party, I would be richer than Bill Gates and in less than 2 month. Ignorance, stupidity and never-ending greedy needs just two things: money and big mouth.

  545. What are the fastest way to ruin a country ?

    1. Bomb it
    2. Meteorit
    3. (the fastest) have a Tea-Party

  546. SW says:

    I know aome good Tea Party signs:

    “Where were we when Bush raised the Debt Ceiling 5 times?”

    “Have you hugged a Koch Brother today?”

    “Bush F-ed us all –so let’s blame the black guy!”

    “All our problems are because rich people pay taxes”

    “Obama never raised my taxes or took my guns… wait why am I mad?”

    Or maybe just extol the policies of Obama’s opponents!

    “Please cut my veterans benefits to pay for tax cuts for billionaires”

    “Let poor Americans starve so Saudi Billionaires can get richer”

    “Working class isn’t taxed enough. Rich are taxed too much!”


    “How are those Bush Tax Cuts working out so far?”

    “Last time we had a balanced Budget Clinton was in office.”

    “2 things I hate: 1. Being called racist. 2. Black people”

    or my favorite tea party sign:

    “We’re a bunch of f-in Morans!”

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  573. […] of December 1773 when colonists threw tea into the Boston Harbor. They even use the word “revolution” – like “Revolution is Brewing” and “Restore the Republic, Revolt […]

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