Let’s Brew a Tea Party Revolution

by LukeAmerica2020

In OPEN defiance of the OVERWHELMING will of the people, DC continues to ignore US about ending the ongoing bailouts using OUR money, about ending the countless earmarks using OUR money, about protecting OUR borders, and so on. And, now they want to run the banking industry, the energy industry, the health care industry, AND the automotive industry. President Obama just FIRED Rick Wagoner, the CEO of General Motors, a few days ago.

This is the SAME government that runs Social Security, Medicare, Amtrack, and the Post Office … ALL at year-after-year financial losses. This year alone, the U.S. Postal Service faces more than SIX BILLION dollars in debt.

It’s time STOP the wanton spending sprees in DC with OUR grand-children’s money! And, it’s time to STOP these ‘non-representing representatives’ from attempting to take CONTROL of business after business in OUR country.

Not one of these POLITICIANS have EVER run a business themselves. Nancy Pelosi has not. Chris Dodd has not. Barney Frank has not. Harry Reid has not. Tim Geithner has not. AND, Barack Obama has not. In fact, they have NEVER even worked in the private sector. And, yet, as if through some MIRACULOUS dispensation of business skills, they believe that THEY can run ALL of these industries better than the TRAINED, SKILLED, EXPERIENCED leaders who currently run them.

Never before in our GREAT nation’s history has there been such a COMPLETE disconnect between our federal government and the citizens that they SUPPOSEDLY represent. We can no longer sit on our hands while Congress drives OUR NATION into bankruptcy. We MUST take a stand before it is too late.

These Tea Party protests are a GOOD first step. UNITED, we MUST get Washington’s attention. You can go to TaxDayTeaParty.com to find out where the April 15th protest will be in your area.

Plus, Tea Parties are a great way to get connected with folks in your area that you might not have ever met otherwise. These new friendships can last a lifetime. As our country moves ever closer to socialistic fascism, it is important to get connected with people in our communities and neighborhoods.

Another great way to get connected to like-minded folks in your area, your state, and around the country is through a social network that i joined a few months ago called The Patriotic Resistance. Grassroots efforts like participating in tea parties and joining political social networks will establish the foundation we need.

It’s time … for we, THE PEOPLE, to take OUR country back!!!

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