Let The Revolution Begin

by LukeAmerica2020
These Tax Day Tea Parties are part of a nationwide initiative to protest Big Government Spending. The rallies began with bloggers in Seattle, WA, who organized a demonstration on February 16. Word spread quickly with protests in Denver and Mesa, AZ spontaneously organized for the next day.

Then on CNBC (February 19), Rick Santelli called for a “Chicago Tea Party” on July Fourth. Many folks, however, didn’t want to wait that long to express their anger toward trillion dollar budgets, 10 trillion dollar deficits, ever-expanding government, and the inevitable, massive tax increases to pay for it all. Several more protests took place in March. More than 4,000 each attended the Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Orlando Tea Parties.

Despite this growing grassroots message to our federal government, the MSM refused to cover the scores of events. Then, without any involvement from any political party or any central authority, Tea Parties began to organize for Tax Day through word-of-mouth and Internet communication.

Two primary web sites have helped organizers and protesters to connect with other concerned citizens locally. These are: TaxDayTeaParty.com and TeaPartyDay.com. By the first of April, individual sites for cities and states were registered throughout the country. At the same time, Fox News began to cover the upcoming events.

My own blog post here 101 Tea Party Sign Slogans has had more than 50,000 unique visitors in just over a week. If this is any indication of the expected attendance across our country today, we should see nearly a million protesters attending the 1000+ rallies.

Still the MSM and some others ludicrously paint these protests with partisan brushes while erroneously claiming the participants are angry over a lost election. Frankly, there are some people in our country who are drinking Kool-Aid. But, today … WE … are drinking the TEA.

Moreover, the news has been covering the pirates in Somalia lately. What we’re concerned about today are the pirates in our nation’s capital.

Unlike the Kool-Aid guzzlers, we fully realize that we will be oppressed by inevitable tax increases to cover these wild and crazy spending sprees. Are YOU tired of trillion dollar budgets and 10 trillion dollar deficits that our children and our grand-children will have to pay?

The closing remarks of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address are “a government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

Today, though, what we have is a government of the government … by the government … and for the government. This endless expansion of government control of our lives WILL perish. Do You Agree?

TODAY … we are taking some of the first steps to ensure that the ‘politicians’ start listening to … WE … THE PEOPLE.

We’ve had enough !!!

Today … all across our great land … in cities small and large … coast to coast … the Tea Party Revolution is igniting a PASSION in the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans.

The voices of the Silent Majority ARE being heard … WE are silent no more! We WILL be heard.

Have you had enough of DC’s ongoing bailouts?

Do you want the wild spending to stop?

Are you tired of DC’s ongoing lack of transparency?

Are you fed up with DC refusing to abide by OUR constitution?

Are you ready for REAL change?

To our politicians, I say “If YOU voted Yes to the Bailouts and Yes to the Earmarks, consider THIS your going away party.”

Are you ready for DC to hear from … WE, the People?

Some are stating that TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. That IS creatively appropriate. But, I think TEA can ALSO stand for … Tyranny Elimination Army. Soldiers, DO you agree?

Today … these events … these representative gatherings of the No Longer Silent Majority … are JUST the beginning !!!

T … E … A: To Each American … this day … we stand united.

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14 Responses to Let The Revolution Begin

  1. Diane says:

    I hope this is just the beginning. I would like to STARVE THE BEAST. In other words, a nation wide work strike where every business entity and/or each tax payer stayed home for a few days. Without taxable incomes, the fed will certainly hear the message. I think we ought to cut to the chase and so that we can get on with our lives. This administration has just got to go.

  2. Diane: Today 28 states have passed or are considering Sovereignty Resolutions in their legislature. Along the line of your suggestion, what we need are ratified Sovereignty Acts that withhold all taxes from the federal government by participating states.

    DC uses this tactic themselves to force policies on the states. It is time, indeed, for the states to turn the tables on our corrupt and inept ‘non-representing representatives’ in our nation’s capital.

  3. Jim in Visalia says:

    I like that, STARVE THE BEAST. It may come down to some radical choices if the government fails to respond to the voices of WE THE PEOPLE.

  4. mamabear says:

    Hello, everybody.

    What Diane said. Stay home from work. Eat P & J sandwiches if you have to. Make your kids eat them too, it’s kinder to them in the long run.

    This brings me to something else that is lodged deep in my skin that got very little mention. The everyday petty tyranny. Little ten cent tyrants dreaming of how life should be. Daydreaming about money. Conjuring up another new law every week, patting themselves on the back because they’re “making a difference.” Telling you what “policy” is. I’m 50 years old, dammit, and I do what I’m told, and pay what they say. The contortions they put me threw just to renew my license.

    I think at some point we are going to have to get into some civil resistance. Besides a work strike, how about Keep Your Kids Home From School Day? Most of us can’t stand the schools we send our kids too. My grandchildren live with me, so I know that their schools are dumb as a box of rocks. Some people have mentioned witholding the maximum on their income tax. I suggest we not fill in our forms at all. They’ll keep the returns, but can you imagine the faces on the IRS grunts when the papers don’t dutifully come in? They can’t arrest us all, who would do the work? I’m sure we can all come up with little ideas to throw a wrench in their game.

    I also personally hate these garbage laws. For crying out loud, propaganda will tell ya that we are a free country, I go to the dump, and I got some holier than-thou-nitwit pawing through my garbage to make sure I recycled. It’s so noble, so inspiring.

    I’ve been so bored, living my paint-by-numbers life in this nutty country, but I have a feeling the next few years are going to be veddy interesting.

  5. Jeff Jefferson says:

    You say that you want the politicians to start listening to you. I disagree. What are we going to have to do: have a tea party every couple of weeks to repeatedly show the politicians that they better tow the line? If I have my way, the next sound the politicians hear will be the door to their office slam shut behind them as they are carrying out all of their personal belongings. We don’t need to sit around and wait for the politicians to pass a term limit law; all we need to do is vote them out ourselves.
    The key to our success is vigilance. The state of affairs right now is, in reality, our own fault. We have been too busy with our lives and let these Washington pirates have their way for so long that they have begun to believe that we are not part of the equation. We have to find a way to maintain this mental state of outrage and continue to act upon it even after we have achieved our goals.
    Another important step to achieve success would be to encourage candidates of our own choosing to run for elected offices. Every election cycle, we sit around and wait for someone that we can get fired up about to announce their candidacy. This strategy seldom yields quality candidates, and we are left to choose from “dumb and dumber.”
    Let’s not waste our energy trying to get the media to give our movement a fair voice. The mainstream media in this country is dead, and the sooner we accept that reality the easier it will be for us to get on with the business at hand. In fact, the more the media shows its feathers, the more galvanized we become, and I believe, the obvious media bias will, in the end, add people to our ranks. People like Janeane Garofalo are actually a gift from God. What better way to demonstrate our opponents stupidity than to put her in front of a camera with a microphone. Furthermore, I believe she demonstrates textbook symptoms of teabag envy.

  6. Bob says:

    Hey, cool rant. Unfortunately I think all this is leading up to a Republican run in 2012. If so, what is this? Just a thinly disguised effort to force tea flavored Cool-Ade down the baaa bbaaaaa Sheeps throats. Can the oppressed truely throw off the chains of the oppressors? Not in America, we seriously lack the ability to think independently. We are a nation of bleep bleep sheep and the wolves in shepard clothing will always command our actions. I like the concept of these Tea Parties, but seriously question the true motives behind all the talk. If this was truely for real, then my little blurb will remain here. As soon as it’s censored, I’ll be given a big clue about what this movements all about.

  7. Jeff Jefferson says:

    Hello Bob,
    There have been many comments in the press that this is just a republican backed ploy. Although the republicans are on board with us, I do not believe that the average person involved in this faction is necessarily republican. Guys like Hannity and Limbaugh will be all for our movement until 2112 when Jeb or Newt run: then they will abandon us or say that our naivete is misguided.
    The harsh reality is that no matter what this movement does, it must accept the fact that in order to achieve success we have to use the conduit of one of the major parties. Voting for third party candidates only leads to a sure victory for the party that one is attempting to block. What really needs to happen is that all of the third parties have to consolidate and begin to work as one diverse unit. Once this is achieved, we must then move under the umbrella of the democrat or republican party while maintaining our independent identity. I am aware that this idea will repulse many people, but I believe it is the only way to make a difference. Take the libertarians for example: they have been around for a long time and have achieved little success. They often do not even get invited to debates.
    I believe you are right that all of this leading up to a republican run in 2112, but we do not have to sit around and wait for the country club republicans to put forth their lack luster candidate; we can find our own. For now, we should focus on 2010; we need to organize and give this movement a direction.

  8. RichardThePirate says:

    I was at the Charlotte, NC rally. I am now a conservative. Used to be somewhat liberal in my youth. Own a business, have a family etc. PAY in don’t get back, ever. I have to say to Bob and the media… I spoke with two dozen people after the rally. We sat and had something to eat.
    NONE were Republicans. NONE were organizers. NONE heard about the protest from a news organization. It was all word of mouth and emails from friends. It was all very last minute for most. AND almost ALL had NEVER been to a protest in their lives. This is truly the silent majority. We did not agree on everything but we did agree that the tax code must be scrapped with the IRS. That capital must be unleashed so small business can grow and operate. That illegals need to leave the country. And that the insanity in Washington has to stop. And that no party has a corner on stupid. So honestly Bob. Your comment is still there for all to read. What this movement is about is regular people who are fed up with being told what to believe. We aren’t stupid. We know better. We’re well read. But we are BUSY! With families, church, activities, obligations to others, our own businesses, helping others’ businesses. We are usually all too busy to get involved like this but we’ve had enough. We are the engine that drives this nation. And we are fed up. We’ve played along until now. If we have to shut down everything for a couple days to make the point, then maybe a general strike will get the Messiah in Washington’s attention and those idiots in Congress. They are a bunch of morons. Most could never run a business. Not at all…

    We need to run as Republicans however and the point is well made by Jeff. We need NEW Republicans. Not power mongers. Not big spenders. REAL fiscal conservatives who will do the hard work. And then leave after a couple terms.

  9. RichardThePirate: I helped organize the one in Myrtle Beach. Most of the folks who attended our Tea Party (2,100) had never been to a protest either.

    Our demographics were across the spectrum … republicans, democrats, libertarians, and independents … blacks and whites … rich and poor … working and unemployed … old and young.

    What an amazing distribution of person-next-door Americans!!!

    Most attendees were just common people concerned about the fiscally irresponsible direction that our government has taken the last several months … and highly distressed about the inevitable massive tax increases to pay for all of it.

    When we calculate our own budgets, we first determine our income and then deduct our expenses. Hopefully, we have some discretionary income left over.

    The way that Washington calculates their budgets is the reverse. First, they determine how much they want to spend. Then, they determine how much more they need to tax us and to tax businesses in order to obtain the funds.

    But … our ‘non-representing representatives’ are now aware that we, the people, will no long sit in silence or wallow in apathy. We will be heard! We will vote out of office those who continue the bailouts, earmarks, and big budgets.

  10. Dinah says:

    Can anyone confirm that there will definitely be a “March on Washington” Sat. July 4th. Have the permits been applied for?

  11. Dinah: Here’s an article that provides info re: the July 4th March on DC.


    This is the Patriotic Resistance Social Network … well worth a look around in addition to the article. I’m a member … LukeAmerica2020.

  12. Dinah says:

    Thanks for the web info. It’s exactly what I was looking for. According to this web site the permits have been approved by the Capitol Police for a demonstration on July 4th in front of the U.S. Capitol Building from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Before 9:30 everyone will meet at McPherson Square (near the White House) and at 9:30 walk to the Capitol Building (approx. 10 blocks) to the Upper Senate Park, which is located on Constitution Ave. adjacent to the Capital Building.

  13. grosir baju says:

    Good job over again. Thanks a lot!

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