Israel Finally Strikes Back- Thanks Obama

December 30, 2012

Short Little Rebel

 OK, let me understand.  Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel’s civilian population (a blatant Geneva convention crime.  They also don’t wear uniforms and use human shields- more Geneva Convention crimes) for months now.  And they culminate into recent days of intense bombings with hundreds of rockets per day- all into civilian areas, murdering civilians in their homes.  Meanwhile, we have Israel repeatedly bringing their complaint before the United Nations and the United States begging for diplomatic intervention.  Do they get it?  No.  Not only that, but Obama refuses to even meet with Netanyahu in N.Y. while he makes time for the Burmese delegate.  He has been dismissive & insulting to Israel’s leader.   He also invites the Muslim Brotherhood (whose goal is the destruction of Israel AND the United States) to dine luxuriously at the White House while refusing to confront Iran (whose stated goal is also to destroy Israel)…

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