Economic Riots in Iceland Ominous for USA

by LukeAmerica2020
During a light rain, thousands of Icelanders demonstrated in Reykjavik on Saturday (2008-11-22) demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Geir Haarde and Central Bank Governor David Oddsson for failing to stop a financial meltdown in the country. It was the latest in an escalating series of protests in the capital over the island nation’s crippled economy.

A separate group of several hundred people gathered in front of the city’s main police station demanding the release of a young protester being held there. Police in riot gear used pepper spray to drive back the attempt to free the protester during which several windows at the police station were shattered. Five were injured. The protester was eventually released after he paid a fine for rioting.

Over the past year Iceland’s currency, the krona, has fallen by 50% as the Scandinavian country nationalized its three biggest banks (Kaupthing, Landsbanki, and Glitnir) to prevent their collapse. It has also received $10 billion in emergency loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This video is from the ITN News YouTube channel.

Hmmm …
This is not a third world country packed with unwieldy mobs. Iceland is well known as a peaceful nation with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Oddly, however, these highly aberrant riots over bank collapses and IMF bailouts are essentially unreported by the mainstream media (MSM) here in the USA.

Moreover, most Americans are not aware of the three dozen peaceful protests against the Federal Reserve during the “End the Fed” events over the weekend (2008-11-22) in our own country. It seems that these major events in Iceland and the USA were largely ignored by corporate media in order to prevent further unrest as our own government’s unfettered and ceaseless printing of money (donated to their own friends, their own investment holdings, and their own financial supporters) expands an enormous hyper-inflationary bubble that is increasingly likely to explode into a full-blown depression.

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4 Responses to Economic Riots in Iceland Ominous for USA

  1. Kingtexas1 says:

    God forbid we fall into a depression like the 1930’s. I have to put some faith in our elected leaders at this point, PRAYING that we keep our heads above water and survive this turmoil. Maybe we can also prevent riots if all goes well with the “bail out.”

    Maybe this will turn out to be a blessing for America. Humility, allowing us to place priorities on what really matters in our lives.

  2. VIDEO – End the Fed Los Angeles takes over Prop 8 Protest.

  3. AroundAgain8 says:


    While I place you in high regard for holding onto hope, I cannot help but mention that “bail outs” are not only the wrong answer, but are also very dangerous to America. I love America, but the truth is, it is going to take a lot more extreme rocking to get the “designing men” to surrender their evil hold on our system. I fear the we have become their dupes, and Americans are going to have to choose to take a stand or wash away with the tide of paying for others sins. I wish it were not so, but the principle is true, we have to eat what we plant…

  4. […] Economic Riots in Iceland Ominous for USA « LukeAmerica2020Nov 26, 2008 … Economic Riots in Iceland Ominous for USA. by LukeAmerica2020. During a light rain, thousands of Icelanders demonstrated in Reykjavik on … […]

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